Does Your Skin Glow? If not, find out why.

Face Mapping Analysis

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  • Melissa

    Cool that you also have this map analysis – was looking at a similar one just yesterday. I think you forgot to include that the intestines as they relate to the connected to the right cheek. Maybe you forgot to include the small & large intestines all together which I think is useful organ since all the food/nutrient absorption takes place there. Thank you for putting this out there.

  • Anahata60067

     I use chaga soap and coconut oil..simple,easy and effective.

  • Sandy Stites

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I use coconut oil as well…but I am trying to get rid of some hyper pigmentation. Love your glow Lori!

  • Kim Vanderholst

    Based on this information and looking at the Face Mappying Analysis it seems like overall I just need to be hydrating my body a lot more. Lots of really great information Lori! I love it!

  • tom

    i find uranium 234 gives my skin that healthy glow.  I also save on flashlights.  the one side effects is that  one ear has fallen off.  tom

  • Lanjery

    I really want your recipe for your green coconut wrapper you made in your Basil wrap recipe. It looks flexible and shiny like a fruit roll up. Please, please send me the recipe. Thanks so much. Lani

  • Olga

    you are V.lovely inside and outside

    • Lori Painter

      Thank you!