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Back to school and doing my ABC’s all over again in a whole new way! Instead of the pencil and paper I am using my body! 😉

I chose to focus on cardio today because I still felt pretty sore from the workouts earlier in the week. I feel it is important to flush the body with circulation to workout all the lactic acid and to bring blood flow to all the sore muscles so they can heal faster.

In the video I shared that I wrote out a brainstorming list of all the fun ways I wanted to move and exercise my body. I thought I’d share some of the things that were on my list here.

  1. Pilates
  2. Power Yoga
  3. 5 K race with my kids
  4. Zumba (there is a local upcoming event called Zumba in da Club that I might hit up too)
  5. Kettlebell (did this with Naim on Day 5)
  6. Rollerskating (did that with Julia on Day 2)
  7. Surfing (I practiced in the pool on Day 4)
  8. Bike riding along the beach
  9. Hiking (while the weather is amazing) even better if it is a wild edibles hike 😉
  10. Playing on my kids Ripstik
  11. Belly dance
  12. Gymnastics
  13. Play on the rings and bars on Santa Monica beach
  14. Kayak
  15. Hula hoop workout (this sounds silly, but I loved doing it as a child and I have no idea how a hula hoop workout looks like)
  16. Strip tease/pole
  17. Acro yoga/ Partner Yoga ( I like using my kids on some of the acro yoga poses, but they insist they are too grown up to play like that)
  18. Pussycat Dolls Workout/ Burlesque style dancing
  19. Athletic Sex/Tantra  (this one is on a waiting list until I am in a committed relationship)
  20. Climb the Stairs in Laguna Beach
  21. Boot camp
  22. Obstacle Course
  23. Capeoira
  24. Brazilian Booty (I wanna do this with my friend, Teresa Jordan who says she goes to THE BEST class for this)
  25. Swing on a Trapeze (I may save this for when my muscles are stronger and I can do more)
  26. Kite surf
  27. Wind surf
  28. Wake board
  29. Snowboard (this will have to wait until the season is calling my name)
  30. JUST dance …swing, salsa, bollywood, etc…. any or all of the above I am DOWN!!!
How about you? Write up fun 30 ways you’d like to move your body and share them with me in the comments below!

Today’s Workout:
60 min elliptical
60 min belly dancing class
30 min walk

What did you do today?

See  ya!


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