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I absolutely LOVE Teresa Jordan who hosted a Raw Food and Fitness event out of her home today! Not only did we get out booties in shape with an intense bootcamp workout, but she is a raw culinary genius and made us some of the best raw food ever! Teresa puts on different monthly fitness and raw food events with different themes. Last month was her Brazilian Bikini event (see photo) and now my bikini body has been put to a whole new level since they are smaller bikinis! She is 54 years YOUNG and is majorly representing! She also has great Recipes by Raw T !

It was truly an honor and pleasure to meet and workout with Modu Seye  and  Kelly Loehr, who are the trainers of a fantastic bootcamp in Cabo San Lucas called  They are super fit and super inspiring! Here is a clip of some of the exercises we did today!

Off camera they opened up and shared how they are passionate about community service. They actually are hosting a 5K Race this December to raise money for a local orphanage. The children of the orphanage are racing too. I was saddened to hear that many of the children in Cabo San Lucas that are living in orphanages are unable to be adopted because many of the parents have not released their  rights. Many of these children do not have any roles models and once they become of age are released into the world with very little skills to succeed.

Both Kelly and Modu take time to go and see the children of the orphanage, workout with them and offer a healthy role model to them. I was touched to say the least! If you want to support them and their amazing projects go check out their websites:

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