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How to Transform Your Life: 1 of 11

If you are feeling complacent or stuck in a cycle that you have outgrown. If you are wanting to transform your life and don’t know where to begin, this 11-part series is dedicated to you. These are the tools that helped me break free from my patterns and to create a life that I love. If a fulfilling healthy life is what you want, you are going to love this series.

I am thrilled to be presenting you with my favorite tools that I have implemented to transform my life over the past 20+ years. Today’s video is near and dear to my heart because it was the catalyst that sent me down the path of personal transformation. This practice became my life mission and purpose. It is incredibly simple and can appear too easy to be as powerful as it actually is. However, this practice brings you into the present moment so that you are operating consciously instead of out of habits that you have outgrown and are no longer serving you. Closing off from the external world and tuning into your own divine spark is what this practice is all about.

Step 1

Get in a comfortable and relaxed position. I personally love to lie down.

Step 2

Set the timer for 5-20 minutes

Step 3

Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply. Taking full inhales and exhales to clear the lungs and settle down the mind and the nervous system. To keep the mind clear I will often count the breaths and the pacing of each breath. Inhaling for a count of ten and exhaling for a count of ten. Repeating this breathwork pattern for a minimum of ten breaths.

Step 4

Return the breathing to a normal rhythm and simply rest. Surrender by saying in your mind, “Guide me now.” And then be still and allow whatever wants to express itself to come through. In the beginning, the mind can release the typical to-do’s list that may or may not spark inspiration. However, stick with it, be patient. This is not something you can rush, and it often comes when you really relax.

Step 5

When a thought crosses your mind and your heart skips a beat, or gives you a little pulse of electricity, get up immediately and do the task that you feel inspired to do.

Step 6

After the task is complete, repeat this process back to step one.

Note: not all inspired action will have a clear significance to it, some of it is simple and mundane things, but the energy in which you complete the task comes from an inspired state rather than a burdensome state. When this practice is implemented daily and consistently over the course of weeks and months you will be amazed at what you have accomplished. You will then see a clear path that is specific and in alignment with you and your path and where you are now. This is all about living from the internal world and expressing it outwardly rather than living your life dictated by the external world that leaves you feeling like an unfulfilled follower rather than a divinely inspired leader in your own life.

Challenge yourself to practice this a minimum of three times a day over the course of the week and see what surprises show up.

To Go Further and Deeper

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