Day 1 + 30 Day Fitness Challenge Guidelines

Posted By Lori Painter on Sep 1, 2011 | 23 comments

Hey You!

Diggin’ on the idea of  joining me in this 30 Day Fitness Challenge? Here are more deets!

I am officially kicking it off today which is, September 1st here on, but if you catch this post afterwards, please feel free to jump in and join anytime!

Why I’m Doing a Fitness Challenge

  • Feel good emotionally- boosts endorphins which means I am  more pleasurable to be around. I just beam good vibes!
  • Feel good physically- clears out aches and pains and gives integrity to the structure of the body
  • Feel mentally clear & able to focus- the increased blood flow is going to the brain that stimulates mental function, because I am  fully engaged in my workout my mind has to get off it’s little hamster wheel of repetitive thoughts to focus in what I am  doing.
  • This builds mental muscles of attention, focus, and presence.
  • 30 days is just long enough to stay focused and  to get in the routine of establishing healthy habits
  • Involving community helps me stay accountable
  • Doing a challenge with others is  fun
  • It gives us a reason to come together


Join Me in My 10 Fitness Commitments

  1. Make Your Workouts Fun
  2. Incorporate  Variety
  3. Incorporate Your Relationships (kids, lovers, friends, family, co-workers, etc..)
  4. Work up a Sweat
  5. Honor Your Intuition and Your Limitations (know the perfect balance of too much and not enough)
  6. Get Good Rest (this will really help your workouts)
  7. Breathe while working out. (try to keep it in a nice rhythm, even if it’s faster)
  8. Hydrate (how else do you expect all the junk in your body to get washed out?)
  9. Exercise 30 mins Daily & post it as a comment on my blog
  10. Leave Your Workout Spot in Better Condition than When You Showed Up

Extra Credit: Create a Video or Blog Recording Your Journey

Here’s What I’ll be Doing

  1. Working Out Daily & Posting it on my  Daily Blog
  2. Sharing cool tips and inspiration to keep you going along with me
How to Stay in the Loop & Make the Most of This Challenge
  1. Leave Your Daily Workout as a “Comment” on my Blog
  2. Sign up for my Newsletter
  3. Shoot me an Email if You Want my Fitness Guide at the End of this Challenge
  4. Check out my Facebook Page & see you have any friends there! & “like” it…but only if you really do
  5. Subscribe to my channel on Youtube
  6. Follow me on Twitter
  7. If You live in the So Cal Area & want to attend an event hit me up.
  8. Forward this to all your friends who you want to do this 30 Day Fitness Challenge WITH you!
Day 1 Workout
60 Minute Spinning Class
I dig on this sweaty and sexy leg workout!!
60 Minute Walk w/ My Kids After Dinner 
I love this time to talk about our day together and really feel like we are re-connecting and strengthening our relationship.
Question(s) of the Day
What is your favorite sports drink and how much water do you drink a day?
My Answer
I love water ( I get at least 48-96 oz in a day, sometimes more), green smoothies (48 oz)
Post Your Workout and Answer to the Question Below! 🙂
So happy to have you with me!


  1. Thanks for the awesome challenge and inspiration!  Yesterday I played sand volleyball and didn’t give up even when it got really windy and looked like it would rain.  Still had a great workout and appreciated how cooling the wind was!

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    • You are welcome and it is truly MY PLEASURE!! I LOVE volleyball!!! I haven’t played in years, but it is soooo much fun! Thanks for INSPIRING me!!! 🙂

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  2. I took a mile walk this morning and a short walk with my husband in the afternoon. I also did a lot of housework. I drink about 2 liters a day of water, its probably too much since its not hot in England.But I feel it if I drink less than that. My favorite sports drink is coconut water!

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    • I love turning up the music loud and dancing while I clean house and mop the floors!!! Cleaning is definitely a great workout if you get into it! 2 L doesn’t sound like too much water at all! The average is anywhere from 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. So for example… I weigh 120. I would drink anywhere from 60-120 ounces of water a day. I also drink green smoothies and eat lots of water rich foods.

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  3. Lori
    I have been busy busy all day so I am looking forward to taking a long walk tonight with the puppy. I have had 2 liters of water so far and 2 green smoothies. 

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  4. Took an hour long Jazzercise class

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  5. Did 15 minutes yoga this morning, will do 15-25 more minutes of yoga this evening and going for a walk right now!  My favorite “sports drink” is coconut water or chia water!  🙂

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  6. 1 hour walking to the park
    bodyweight exercise 4 rounds:
    Pull Ups 6 – 6 – 7 – 6
    Mountain Climbers 100 – 100 – 100 – 100
    Leg Raises (dip station) 20 – 20 – 20 – 20
    Mountain Climbers 100 – 100 – 100 – 100
    1 hour walking back home

    i felt great after my workout and enjoyed the sunlight, the fresh air and spending time with my husband and daughter.

    i drank 1 liter of banana-smoothie in the morning ( 4 bananas) and for the rest of the day only water, about 5 liter

    thanks for the challenge lori…i better take a befor picture now 😉
    see you guys here tomorrow

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  7. 30 Mins Stair Master. 15 MIns Weights…..and a 15 walk with the pooch…..

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  8. Did Jillian Michael’s 30 day shed 🙂 And had watermelon for dinner : )

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  9. 30 mins on the treadmill walking on an incline of 10. I do at least a gallon a day of water.

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    • Whoa! I have never done incline of 10 on the treadmill! Nice! I love it when I get lots of water in a day! 🙂

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  10. Did a bristle walk,but ate a lot of veggies and fruits today.I have a little bit of a cold,so I took it easy today.Will do something more challenging tomorrow.I need to work on my water intake,not drinking as much as I should

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    • Awesome! Yes…take it easy when you are working through recovering from a cold! Hope you are back on your game soon!

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  11. Great first day of the Fitness Challenge! 1 mile walk in the morning, a sweaty hour of cycling at noon, 1 mile walk in the evening. Feeling really great! I drink about 64 oz water each day and 48 oz luscious green smoothie. I love water for hydrating during and after workouts. Every once-in-a-while I will have coconut water.

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  12. 10 minute full body stretch; 60 min 5mph [on average] run by the river, with a few hills. full body stretch afterwards; and 20 minutes core and arm workouts for muscle [not cardio] feeling like a good day!

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