5 Steps to Work Through Jealousy

Posted By Lori Painter on Nov 22, 2011 | 7 comments

I’m chillin’ at home with my kiddos this week who are home from school during the holiday. Mehgan is now 4 weeks into her sewing classes and has been sewing all day. Alex is hanging out with his cousins from out of town.

I know it’s Thanksgiving week, but we are keeping the meal low key. No more crazy culinary nightmares like we once had. Just ask me about the time I had butternut squash soup on the ceiling and the turkey in the bathtub. NO JOKE.

However, one ritual we do keep is to write out a rampage of gratitude and appreciation, even for the tiniest things. I personally do this several times a week. Sometimes I go for days on end pouring with gratitude.

When I stop this practice I find I can get off track a bit….like you see in the video when I had an emotional moment of LACK and I became jealous of someone else. Yes… lil ol’ me was having a moment like we all do. It’s just a matter of how quickly we stay there and how we shift to allow it to serve us.

I love sharing the realness of life and how we can use everything as fuel to transform our lives.

Let me know your insights in the comments below!

Love ya and have a fantastic holiday.




  1. Hi Lori,

    This is a very good blogg.

    I suffered from Jealousy and Envy so much so that i couldnt understand why i had to feel this infliction. Why could i just not be happy for others ? and  was i feeling suffering from low esteem.

    So What is the difference between Jealousy and envy, and its causes ?, i think how you explained it makes good sense, but for me the discovery of the Serenity Prayer used by the AA forms the cornerstone of philosophy, it goes something like this;

                 God grant me the serenity to accept the things i can not change,
                 Courage to change the things i can,
                 And the wisdom to know the Difference.

    note God can be any higher power. i have learnt to be grateful for what i have got .

    Best Wishes

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    • The Serenity Prayer is great because it takes to focus off things OUTSIDE of yourself and puts the power back in your hands where you can have the courage to change what you can about yourself do something for yourself. 

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  2. I understand your message when I apply to situations like you described (ie seeing a man that’s leaner, more muscular, makes more money, etc). I wonder what your take is on those jealousy feelings you get when looking at an ex? I get jealous when I see my ex because she’s lost some weight, seems happier in her life without me than she did with me, and so forth. I’m happier in my life, as well, but I still get those shots of jealousy in my system regularly because of her. 

    I like the short music intros to your videos, by the way.

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    • Those jealous feelings are the same with an ex! Your jealousy was a mirror reflecting back at you to take care of your health and step it up a notch and to really do things that fuel you and empower you and give you satisfaction! You deserve to be as healthy and happy as possible and she shined some light on some habits that you may have been slacking off on.

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    • Hi James,

      i can relate to your situation, a few months ago i broke up, however i suffered a complete emotional breakdown, i keept looking at my mobile to see if she would reply to my text, couldnt bear to see her smile or laughing when she was in other peoples conpany. like you said to my partner was much better off without me.

      However we guys tend to  have a ‘selfish’ ego, so learn to be happy for her, and remember , that the people who we meet throughout our lives always leave an imprint on us. True love is unconditional, and time is a great healer. I would take Loris advice to overcome your selfish jelousy.

      good luck, love is such an emotional rollercoaster.

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  3. Nice!!! Great video and entry…I generally don’t consider myself a jealous person at all, but watching this video has revealed to me that I have been jealous lately and not taking action in certain areas that I want to. Health/vibrant-high-energy living definitely being one of those areas. Thanks for the insight as always <3

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