Day 11 Fitness Challenge: Are You Sabotaging Your Workout Efforts?

Posted By Lori Painter on Sep 11, 2011 | 0 comments

I am one third into this 30 day challenge and I am sure you know it is not ending after 30 days. I love using 30 day challenges as an opportunity to gain some momentum for establishing habits I want in my life on a daily basis. Fitness is definitely one of the top habits I want for good!

I started feeling a change in my body after about the 3rd day. Each day I have been feeling firmer and  have noticed my fitness level improve. At the same time I have noticed that my appetite has increased and I wasn’t prepared for it. Rather than making amazing food decisions I observed myself making default food choices. Perhaps I was grabbing a lentil wrap from Trader Joes, or picking up some lentil soup from the local market. I immediately noticed bloating and just not feeling my best. Finally, I sat down with my journal and asked myself a few questions and I am stopping sabotage in it’s tracks NOW!

Here is my strategy to get back on track below:

1. Keep a journal and ask the following questions:

  • What is my vision for my health and fitness?
  • Why do I want those things?
  • What is working in this fitness challenge?
  • What is not going as optimally? (These are the sabotaging default habits)
  • How can I support my fitness efforts further?
  • Do I have any limiting beliefs about my vision? For example:
    • Exercising is too hard
    • Being fit takes too long to see results
    • I don’t have enough time to workout
    • I am way too busy
    • I don’t have enough money to go to a gym, hire a trainer, etc…

As long as your mind believes those thoughts you are going to feel like you are climbing an uphill never-ending battle. It is quite simple to turn things around and re-adjust your psychology so that accomplishing your goals feels fun and effortless. Remember it starts in the mind, before it manifests physically. I love Byron Katie’s “The Work” worksheet. I also love the  “Judge Your Body” worksheet too!

2. Review daily and weekly what is working and what isn’t and keep refining your plan as you go.

3. Get prepared for the new habits to be incorporated

4. Go for it! Remember you deserve to have what you really want!

5. Keep reminders around you so you stay connected to your intention during the new phase of establishing a habit ( like a bracelet, a vision board, etc..)

6. Create accountability & support (perhaps that is a friend, role model, coach, or team member of a sport)



Today’s Workout
60 min yoga class (feeling super sore from yesterday’s boot camp event & rewarded myself with a massage!)
60 min walk with my kids

I love using walks as an opportunity to catch up on all my relationships. Other times, I like being in solitude or to listening to audiobooks or interviews. Today I enjoyed re-connecting with my children since they had been with their father for the weekend. I have noticed when the walk is long it really gives them a chance to open up. 🙂 Love staying connected to what is going on in my children’s lives.

Are you still with me?

Share your workout below!

Until tomorrow,



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