Day 26 Fitness Challenge: 4 Steps to Avoiding Boring Workouts

Posted By Lori Painter on Sep 26, 2011 | 0 comments

Problem: Getting bored with your fitness plan?

Solution: Create Goals

The original goal of this 30 day fitness challenge was to build the daily healthy habit of physical exercise. However, as we come to the close of this challenge one can start to feel bored with that goal. It is because we are designed to grow! Once we get the hang of something we want to step it up! We want to see what we can accomplish. We thrive on growth!  I find the best way to stay engaged in my workouts so that I am not bored is to create mini goals. I need something to work for! Here is a simple way to become engaged mentally in your workout plan.

1. Start by imagining the END RESULT. What do you want? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if…. (fill in the blank)

  • My body had full range of motion
  • My body was supple and strong
  • My body was lean and firm
  • My measurements were 34-25-35
  • I could surf well
  • I could snowboard and hit the jumps with ease
  • I could dance with beauty and grace, rhythm and style
2. Have an Intention- Why do you want the above end result?
plus…. it feels good!
it feels good to be free in my body
it feels good to be active with ease
it feels good to be pain free
it feels good to look good naked
it feels good  to defy gravity
it feels good to play
it feels good to have immaculate control of my body

3. Break it down into bite sized 30 day milestones/goals

At the end of 30 days I would like to be able to accomplish the following:

  • Suppleness & range of motion: do the splits,bind my hands behind my back,and perform front and back walkovers with ease
  • Strength: perform 50 man push ups, hold a 5 min plank with ease, improve my pole tricks, perform power yoga class with ease
  • Lean & Firm: go lighter on the meals & keep up the daily workouts
  • Surf & Snowboard: work on balance
  • Dance: learn or choreograph one dance routine: perhaps burlesque, cabaret, strip tease, hip hop, ballroom, or zumba

4. Create a daily/ weekly action plan


  • Spend 15 min AM/PM stretching doing the splits, binds, and back bends
  • Spend 15 min doing strength training
  • Keep a food log to bring more awareness to my diet
  • Play on a wobble board
  • Dance to one song a day


  • Attend yoga, pilates, and dance classes
  • Perform my body balance workout


  •  Make sure your goals turn you on! If you don’t get turned on by your goals then performing the daily workouts are going to seem boring.
  • Get creative and playful! Brainstorm one new way you can workout this week and have fun.
  • Train for an event! For example, training for a marathon can keep you focused on fitness because you are looking forward to running in the race and you have a date that keeps you on point!

If you are feeling like you are doing the lame old workout without any end result in mind and you are not fully engaged give these exercises a shot and see what you come up with! I know that this is going up on my bathroom mirror to keep me reminded of what I want, why I want it and how I plan on getting there! 🙂

Cheers to our able bodies!!!

BTW, did you workout today? I did…. 😉

Today’s Workout
60 min yoga
60 min Zumba
20 min easy walk
60 min pole fitness class

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