Day 27 Fitness Challenge: A BIG Secret that Can Keep You from Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Posted By Lori Painter on Sep 27, 2011 | 0 comments

Fitness Challengers,

Do you find yourself criticizing people who are healthy and in fantastic shape? If so, you may be sabotaging your own results in your fitness challenge.

Here’s the scoop. If you are criticizing someone else you are sub-consciously rejecting that result for yourself. You are keeping yourself from all the health and beauty that you deserve by hating on someone else who has what you secretly or openly wish you had for yourself. Why?

Because when you are finding fault in someone else you are in a state of resistance and as long as you are resisting you are NOT in alignment to receive those gifts for yourself.

A really simple way to turn things around is to make a list of all the people who have that sexy lean gorgeous body that you want and to bless them. Thank them silently! What you are doing sub-consciously is allowing yourself to have those same things for yourself.

So, when you are out and about and quick to judge someone who is in phenomenal shape, take a moment to look at them and appreciate them for the great reminder that they are for you. You will see that in short time you will effortlessly see your own body becoming more and more beautiful. Which leads me to the next part of this.

If you are not able to see what is going right with your own body and only focus on what is going wrong you will only see where you lack. Seeing that blocks you from improving. As soon as you start to acknowledge the improvements and what is going right you will see more and more results start to show.

Bless that which has yet to show up  as it already has and soon it will be yours! Take time to do a rampage of appreciation for your own beautiful body and for others as well! 🙂

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Here is my workout for today

Today’s Workout
60 min Pilates Class


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