Emotional Fitness Challenge: Thoughts, Beliefs, & Stories

Posted By Lori Painter on Oct 24, 2011 | 10 comments




  1. Hi Lori,

    You are spot on with this topic. From your talk i can only guess a relationship came to an end.

    i was in a relationship, in which i had invested so much emotional love, care and commitmment, to such a extent that a worshiped that person.  However through my own stupidity i decided to end it, but what i found is that by ending a relatioship this person began to find there own independence and happyness.

    My thoughts and emotions were all over the place, i could not imagine her in some one elses arms, being happy, or even successfull without me, how could she used me for so long etc etc. My gut was knoted and a felt sick with all the emotional stress, it was a kind of living death !!

    However i came to learn that one should  sit down and think about all the good memmories but also to be able to forgive the other person and to be happy for them, realise that if a relationship ended it ended for a good reason, and in your best interest.

    also being able to forgive, (but not forget), has a positive psychological effect on oneself, and allows a quicker emotional recovery.

    A relationship based on good mutual  intentions and devotion, can have very deep psycological and life long bonds, however many people today  have wrong intentions and dare i say it ambitions to futher thier own interests regardless of who they hurt on the way.

    Relationships require constant maintanence and attention, otherwise they fall apart. However for you Lori i feel, because you have chosen the path of a UMA DIVA, things will be a little difficult because its difficult for a males ego to live in your shadow.

    Any way i wish you all the best, and I hope others can learn and take comfort from your wisdom.

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      • hi Sharon,

        Uma Diva, are words taken from Sanskrit, meaning Mother,(Uma) and Goddess,(Diva).  The ancients belived that the source and root of all knowledge and wisdom was maternal in origin.
        We can all have knowledge but it is wisdom that allows us to profit from knowledge. Lori is a UMA DIVA, who embodies that wisdom from which we can take comfort and guidence.

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      • ps, for me Lori has been a source of inspiration , but may i ask you how has Lori inspired you ?

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  2. I am sorry to hear that relationships, particularly romantic relationships, have been such a struggle in your life. 🙁 you study and read so much on the subject it seems like….

    Why do you think that is?

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    • At the time I did not realize. I was far too zoomed in to see objectively.I was believing my thoughts and running a story that I was bad atromance. I told myself I didn’t know how to be a great partner.I did the work and have been writing a healthy program along withpracticing being an amazing friend, mother, sister, coach,entrepreneur, and so forth!This was my A-ha moment!Now, I feel so clear and I am enjoying positive relationships with somany including my past romantic partner. 🙂

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  3. hi Lori,
    i came across this,
    “As our own peace of mind grows, so the atmosphere around us becomes more peaceful”..
    Dalai Lama.

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  4. Hi Lori, One emotion that seems to elude me is jealousy.  When people do or have or are, something different.  I look at it from the perspective of what can I learn from this.  In other situations I allowing myself to be grateful for what others have.  tom sutherland

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