Emotional Fitness Challenge Wrap Up

Posted By Lori Painter on Nov 10, 2011 | 6 comments

I tried something new and played around with the background of this video along with my first attempt at making an intro for this video. My kids picked the music, and their faces lit up when they saw their very own pictures on the video. My heart melted. Every time I see this intro I can see their faces lighting up all over again. I just love being a mom!



  1. Hi lori,

    nice to see you smiling again, this video is much more positive than your last blogg. Ciero once said ” the face is the picture of the mind, as the eyes are its interpreter”, and i just sensed your face reveled much more than your words.

    Anyway Lori, the Richard Bransons, Bill Gates, and the Steve Jobs (RIP), have been succesfull on the backs of other people ideas and innovations, thier failures are never been exposed. Bill gates failed to recognise the importance of the internet allowing google to be more powefull than microsoft.

    Fears are created by the unknowns, so rather than trying to be a “jack of all trades” stick to being a spiritual diva and invest in other people who are good in thier fields.  Steve Jobs never invented the iphone he just knew how to sell it. Your site is simple, you have no advertising, or shop, you are also not allowing like minded people to invest in you.

    Also some times our fears are created by our wants and this can be dangerous, and i am always reminded by an ancient Vedic probverb,

    “may the lord have mercy, on those who have everything they want”

    best wishes.

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  2. Hi Lori, I’m glad I received the notification this morning because I knew your latest post was up but only because I kept checking; NOW I even have the notification email of an update! How cool is that!

     Yikes, I should take even a brief film clip of my home right now. It is truly the most chaotic I’ve seen it in possibly EVER! I’m very excited about your next challenges! 🙂

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    • Yes, Cindy! It would be awesome to see your starting point!!! 🙂 

      Glad to have you in the loop! 😉

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