Health Tip: Prepping Greens for the Week

Posted By Lori Painter on Mar 8, 2011 | 7 comments


  1. >Lori – this is fabulous – I'm totally going to share this and am looking forward to seeing you get your salad fixin's on next!

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  2. >Hi Lori! What a great idea! I have to try this sometime. I LOVE sauerkraut 🙂

    I just started a raw blog too – hopefully you can check it out 🙂

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  3. >Love your Blog!! you have the best ideas! I'm 30 days into the raw lifestyle and these little ideas are Huge! I know way thought I could get that much greens in a day but massaging the greens has made it possible! Thanks

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  4. >I obviously need a bigger salad bowl. = ) It's amazing how an entire pound of greens can condense down like that once massaged. I agree, having a pre-made salad dressing is so crucial when saving time is an issue. Thanks for the video, Lori!

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  5. >Hi Lori,

    Do you have recipe for the creamy sauerkraut? Or is it store bought?

    Thanks this is wonderful!

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  6. >@ Julie….awesome! Congrats on your blog. I will go check it out.

    @Cary…! So glad I can be of help

    @Raw….you are welcome

    @Brenda….the saurkraut was store bought, but the dressing was made. Check it out…it is a raw caesar salad dressing. I posted it a couple weeks ago!

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  7. >Thanks Lori! I did check out the Ceaser dressing video yesterday. Looking forward to making it. Please keep these videos coming. Thanks!

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