Homemade Pearly Whites

Posted By Lori Painter on Jul 23, 2008 | 0 comments

I was looking up more natural beauty remedies and came across some interesting information on teeth whitening. I currently whiten my teeth with a little food grade H2o2 ( hydrogen peroxide). Sometimes, I have added baking soda (aluminum free) and made a paste. It works fine and I also rinse my mouth out with diluted H2o2 pretty regularly. I still haven’t started putting coconut oil and neem on my gums as David Wolfe has mentioned he has done. That will be next.

I found out that I can take my whitening regime to a whole new level and apply the H2o2 paste to my teeth and put a black light up to my teeth. Apparently, the UVA rays from the light increase the effect by 33%.

Here is a simple blog from one person on their in office “ZOOM” treatment that I found online.

Now here is another site. However, after I watched the video The hydrogen peroxide was not food grade, nor was the baking soda aluminum free. Why was it all over the gums? I make sure to keep it OFF my gums if I am keeping it on my teeth. However, they mention using a black light to heighten the results.Remove Years Of Coffee Stains From Teeth-suss SassyWatch the best video clips here

Now, to bring it all into perspective…watch this hilarious clip :

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