How I Handle Failure

Posted By Lori Painter on Dec 14, 2011 | 13 comments

Have you ever felt frustrated with the results you are trying to get in your life?
Have you ever felt like giving up?
Have you ever felt like you aren’t good enough?

If so, keep reading…

I know I have had my fair share of those experiences, however I know how to pick myself up and keep moving forward. Watch this video to see how I handle failure. Also check out how I empowered my daughter as well when she felt like giving up.

I like sharing things that I have felt insecure about because it reminds us that we all experience this from time to time and to remember it is not a permanent state.

I remember feeling like a failure in blogging when I stopped making videos back in 2010 & I hardly posted anything. However, I picked myself up and started back at it. Even cooler, now I am serving people whom I would have never bumped into in my local community thanks for the internet.

I remember feeling like a failure when it came to broken romantic relationships, but I have learned how to keep loving anyway. I am thankful I keep an open heart and see the beauty in the experiences of love itself.

I remember feeling like a failure when I was hardly eating any raw food and eating mostly junk, but I just start again with my green smoothies for breakfast.

When I feel like I am just not getting it, I ask myself, ” Have I done this a thousand times?” If not, I give myself a break and keep on going! ūüėČ

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you kept practicing at and are glad you didn’t give up!




  1. Thanks Lori- love your message!

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  2. Great message Lori !!!

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  3. I fail every day, but I get up the next morning and give it my best. Thanks for the inspiration, Lori, it helps me carry on.

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    • That’s all we can do! Glad to hear you get back up and give it a go!¬†

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  4. Yes yes yes! Thanks Lori. I have been feeling like giving up on my creative writing. Feeling like it’s crap and I have no talent, what’s the use etc etc…. but now I feel inspired to pick up the pen again. We need to remember we can’t expect to be good at something right away. I think our culture of instant gratification gives us unrealistic expectations and devalues perseverance. Great message. ¬†

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    • I agree! It can look like people are just naturally gifted and that it comes with ease, but the more I explore the more I know that it came from a passion form within and practice! I have a friend, Steve Pavlina who said: “Want to be an overnight success? Spend the next 10 years working at it!” That is sooo true. Nothing is instantaneous and it requires true character to get back up and practice again! Keep writing Alarna!

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  5. very good lori thank u

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  6. thank you very much Lori all your videos are great…

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    • Thanks for striatng the ball rolling with this insight.

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  7. Failure is only a state of mind. ¬†Its a learned behavior. ¬†Young children¬†don’t¬†know what it is.
    They learn to walk and talk while going through what we call a try and fail process. ¬†For them it’s just being alive and being without judgement. ¬†So it is up to us to “become yea like little children”, and¬†relinquish¬†judgmental¬†thought and failure will¬†disappear. ¬†Tom

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