How to Avoid Feeling Sick During a Cleanse

Posted By Lori Painter on Jan 12, 2012 | 6 comments

Do you ever put off doing a cleanse because you don’t want to feel out of sorts?
Maybe you’ve been feeling that you need a good cleanse, but you are procrastinating because of some of the common side effects people complain of. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Today I am talking all about how to deal with a healing crisis, which is when the toxins in the body get stirred up due to the cleanse and aren’t being eliminated fast enough. As a result you can feel like you are experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms.

I hope this video removes any fears you might have about feeling sick and inspires you to give cleansing a shot!

Do you cleanse regularly? How do you make sure you feel good when cleansing? Share your tips in the comments below!



  1. hi Lori,

    Interesting topic.

    Great advice and it costs nothing too.

    However a i have this view on cleansing.  Our body has a natural detox -cleansing center, its called the liver. It is in the liver that toxins are removed and made safe and excreted from the body by urine or by defecation.

    I strongly recommend that people avoid Colonic cleaing or the use of laxitives  as a method of cleasing. You see your bowels are a location  of a very complex ecological biosystem, occupied by trillions of gut flora (bacteria).

    And as such your Immune sysyten uses 80% of its resorces to help maintain the ecological balance of your intestines.

    So if you want to do a cleanse, help your body do it by doing the following,

    1, Fast for least 12 hours ie no food but plenty of plain water.

    2. take life easy  stay in bed for a few hours more, and practice some meditation you neeed to cleanse your mind aswell.

    3. Make your meals simple, avoiding meat , dairy etc

    4. gentle exercise .

    5. Avoid stimulants such as alcohol and coffee, these suppresess your immune system, but do this by a step by step approach as suddenly giving up these stimulants can cause you to be stressed out.

    6. Get a good diet plan so you dont have to detox .

    Love,peace and good health Lori Painter

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    • Delrashid,

      You are right that our bodies are naturally designed to cleanse. Yes, our livers are the filter of the body, and the common person today most likely has a liver that is so overburdened that disease and illness is occurring.

      Unfortunately, many people consume stimulants such as coffee, tea, energy drinks and so forth, eat meat on a daily basis, do not exercise, and stress themselves out constantly. Sometimes they wait until they have some sort of health concern before even considering a cleanse. 

      I personally was one of those people many years ago. My digestion was so slow from a poor diet and if I did not use herbal support and/or enemas then I would have only felt worse, which I did. If I did not know about the water, and enemas I would have been so discouraged to cleanse again. 

      I speak from personal experience when I talk about avoiding a cleanse because I knew I would feel sick. The tips I share in the video were my saving grace.

      Fortunately, it is easy to restore the good bacteria by the use of diluted food grade H202 which is a natural fuel for the good bacteria in the large intestines along with a happy does of probiotics.  

      Each time I cleansed I did better and better to where now I do not experience a healing crisis. Each cleanse I did took me to a new level of eating and self care. My high green raw food diet is practically a cleanse itself. 

      My dream is that people can live healthy happy lives and enjoy being active, eating a clean diet, free of stimulants, drugs, and alcohol. My dream is seeing passionate, alive people who are enjoying this experience we call LIFE. 

      So, to help people get started, this might be the first step! 

      Thank you for your thoughts as always. It allows us to go further and deeper into the  topic!

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      • hi Lori,

        I totaly agree.

        Anyway i have been thinking for the last few days, i am not a rich person but i would like to invest $500, in your buisness.

        The internet is a great place for info but very diificult market place to make money and survive. So what about your dream, open a Lori Painter Foundation Center, offering various health services.

        i do realise your views on debt etc, but i am sure with all your freinds you can invite people to invest in your dreams to help others.

        My offer to invest is unconditional i just wish i could do more to help my Uma Diva.

        take care

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        • Wow, I don’t even know how to respond to this. I am touched. I do not have a foundation or non-profit set up, nor do I have a wellness center. All of those things are dreams, but someday I will. 

          I can start a fund for these things though.

          Thanks for getting me moving forward on these.

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  2. Hi Lori,
    I just happened upon your webpage. I am doing a heavy metal cleanse, and now on day 7 and feel like crap, can’t think straight, drove past my turn and then turned the wrong way! I watched you video and learned that Dilution is the solution to the pollution! Thanks for sharing that–it emphasizes the point and I will now drink a big glass of water. Oh, I am not weird, or anything, but I must say you are very beautiful-you should thank God and your parents for your DNA! I saw your photo top right of sight and thought “Wow, there is a very pretty gal”. And you seem like a genuinely nice girl…
    God Bless you abundantly and keep sharing the light girlfriend!

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  3. Hi Lori . I’m wondering can I start Heavy Medal cleanse if I have a cold? It’s been recommended i start one bc I am getting back to back flus an colds for the last 7 months! Juicing and vitamins are not helping much pollution I guess. I’m looking for a solution..I should also say I’m definitely drinking a lot of spring water for dilution. I love tht thankyou 🙂

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