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10 Ways to Breathe Free

Posted By on Mar 30, 2020

Whether it’s the coronavirus, or the common cold or flu, the following tips are going to ensure that you are able to breathe deep and free. These tips will keep your lungs healthy and airway passages open and clean. Enjoy!

  1. Pound on your chest like an ape does to loosen lungs and boost the immune system
  2. Do deep breathwork – especially before you get out of bed in the morning
  3. Stay hydrated- the lungs need lots of water, warm water is best and add lemon to act as a mucous dissolver
  4. Use a neti pot with filtered warm saline water
  5. Steam eucalyptus and peppermint- put a towel over your head and inhale through your nose
  6. Keep the air in your home clean
    1. Change the air filter in your home
    2. Use an air purifier
    3. Use a humidifier (add a couple of drops of colloidal silver to disinfect the air)
    4. Add indoor plants
    5. Use green cleaning supplies
    6. Use an essential oil diffuser with Clean the Air essential oil
  7. Do side bending stretches to open your ribs to allow your lungs to expand
  8. Massage your intercostal muscles (between the ribs) with your index finger to relax tense muscles and allow the lungs to expand. This helps especially if you have been coughing and the ribs tense up.
  9. Do cardiovascular exercise to keep the lungs and lymph clean
  10. Avoid heavy foods such as fried oils, gluten, and dairy products that create or thicken mucous

Wishing you much health and wellness during this time where respiratory health is of utmost importance.

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How’s it going for you right now? Isn’t it crazy to think that the entire globe is in quarantine right now? We are definitely experiencing a monumental time in world history.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected you? Are you still working? Are you home? How are your loved ones and home life right now? I absolutely have been affected by this and I am no longer working in a physical business. I also relocated back to my former home that I had sold to my children’s father. Thankfully we have been on good terms for many years so the door is always open. My children have also home since school and work have been canceled. However, my son works for Sprouts Natural Market and he’s now working overtime. So much adjusting is taking place right now.

However, instead of panicking I am staying calm. I am simply readjusting the financial goals that I had set for the spring season and I am now focusing on putting more love into my online health and wellness business. Which I have been wanting to do for the longest time, but there were other demands at hand. I’ll be re-launching my Spring cleanse program soon, so keep your eyes open. If you aren’t signed up for my newsletter you will want to do that now. Good things are coming.

I know I am feeling good and finding my power and I want that for you as well so this past weekend, I partnered up with Eric Coplen of Dawn Your Revolution. We discuss our thoughts on the Coronavirus Global Reset and Eric also guides us through a beautiful Heart Coherence Meditation.

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have to elevate our mental, emotional, and physical state. If you are on limited time, fast forward to 18 minutes to jump right into the meditation. I guarantee that you will feel better after watching and participating in the video.

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