Q & A: How to Deal with Negative or Jealous People

Posted By Lori Painter on Mar 24, 2013 | 0 comments

Q: Dear Lori,

Thanks for your videos. I use them for my morning “boost” of positivity before I drive my daughter to school. They work great.

I was watching your videos on embracing your beauty. My question is this: How do you deal with the change in others reactions to you as you look healthier/prettier? I am about 80% raw and live very clean. I am 44, and look better than I “should” according to society’s expectations.

Most people are just fine and easy to get along with, as usual.

But I have been coming across a new thing: people who give me attitude or won’t make eye contact, or give other kinds of strange vibes. Funny enough, I think the age plays into it as well. I mean, a 23 year old is supposed to look amazing, but is a 44 year old mom supposed to snuff out their light and go into hiding?

I don’t think so! But I definitely don’t want to alienate people.

I would love to have your feedback about how to keep a positive attitude when met with this kind of hostility/suspicion – and maybe turn these into friendly exchanges instead of uncomfortable ones. You can totally mention my story, but please do not use my name if you do.

Thanks and hope you and your family are doing great!

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