Quick Notes on Diet & Exercise on Raw Fu Day 22- 27

Posted By Lori Painter on Sep 2, 2008 | 2 comments

Here are cliff notes of the days I did not make a video.

Day 22:
I’m inspired by my non raw buddy who attended a raw meal prep class. I learned 2 new raw recipes from her. The heavy foods sedate me, but held my appetite a long time.

Learned all about the sauna and some extra benefits I was unaware of. Now I am committed to using them regularly.

Last night my front end of my car was munched (aka hit) by a friend backing out of their driveway. I am trying to keep a positive attitude. It’s only “stuff”.

24 oz green juice (collard greens, carrots, celery, and grapes)
A tangerine
A few kale chips
A handful of cherry tomatoes
New recipes: Not tuna pate w/ celery sticks…I couldn’t believe it had that essence of tuna salad, I will definitely make this again . Super satisfying and filling
Chocolate mousse (from avocados) w/ strawberries. Ultra rich and filling .
Those 2 dishes did the trick and kept me full for over 6 hours.

Woke up late for the gym. Ham curls, donkey kicks, adductor and abductor squeeze, Abs- the real deal
Later in the day I did: 30 min toning: barbell squat, chest press, ab crunches, attempt at chin ups, walking lunges, and backward lunge.

70 min Baron Baptiste power yoga video with kids. Level 2. An old video, but really good for balance and upper body strength. I just felt like mixing things up this week and expose the kids to other styles of yoga other than my own.

Enjoyed 15 minuts in the sauna 2 times

Day 23: Feeling down a bit
Working & Running errands, feeling down maybe too much salt & fat. Considering doing 80/10/10. Funny, it corresponds to Bunny Berry’s video.

16 oz green juice
Kale chips- salty
2 bananas
2 apples
Guacamole & salsa w/ a salad!: I had a tough time resisting the chips, beans & rice

40 min power yoga
60 min Walk
20 min Sauna

Day 24- Friday: Fun filled
Weigh in & Measurements: NO CHANGE, scale back up: Time to change the program
Au Lac Restaurant in Huntington Beach
Attended Jack Johnson’s Concert
Bought Matthew Kenney’s book “Everyday Raw”. Looks like some fun stuff for me to make. 🙂 I know I can’t go wrong with his recipes.

3 Qts H20
1 qt green veggie juice (yellow squash, carrots, celery, collards, bell pepper)
3 bananas
Au Lac Raw Restaurant: shared with the family: chips & salsa, salmon rolls, seaweed soup, teriyaki salad, rainbow dessert

40 min yoga
30 min walk

Day 25: Time to reassess
“Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results.” Einstein
Helped out with IEOPBC (organic produce co-op)
All about produce prepping: sat in front of the sink washing, chopping, composting hoping to have an effortless week of raw, just on the simple stuff.
Starla smacks some sense into me to stay with this challenge

32 oz juice carrot, celery,
3 qts H20
Watermelon, pieces of pineapple,
Tomato w/ onion
Banana w/ choco sauce, almond butter, walnuts & cacao: this seems to be my fav raw binge food that saves me when I am ready to toss in the towel.
“fried” onions

Off day
Co-op: lifting, sorting, cleaning, etc…for 60 min
Cardio ( 20 min bike)
Sauna (15 min)
Enjoyed a massage

Day 26: A Busy Body
Reading through the book “4 Hour Workweek”. I love the quotes and that I already apply many of the suggestions in the book.
I ask myself “Am I inspiring others to live up to their potential & enjoy optimal health?” I guess I can only be a living example and hope that it helps others.
Teaching my brother & sister in law that raw can be good with simple meal prep. When will I be making food gourmet style? I can shoot for it, right?

Peach & Pineapple
Made dishes for non-raw family to sample:
Corn Salad w/ ¼ avocado and tomato
Fried Rice recipe from Jenna Norwood: Supercharge Me
Spaghetti w/ meatballs
Banana Cream Pie

Feeling like I am bulking up..need more walking & yoga to lean out
I love Bryan Kest…a new download is ready (poweryoga.com)

I did my 2 hour Sunday morning class w/ Bryan …green style (downloaded version vs. driving into Santa Monica)
Sauna: 30 min
Coconut Oil Hair Treatment
Bentonite clay & Vita C facial
Lip wax
Sunning… a bit too much

Day 27: I finally made a video

I am sore from yoga and it feels so good! I wished I hadn’t eaten so many samples of raw recipes last night & not so late too. I missed my juice challenge yesterday. I want to do 2 weeks of juice for beauty…inspired by Angela Stokes. I wanted to juice and eat only fruits or veggies (no oil, salt, nuts), but I had prepared dishes just sitting in the fridge waiting for me.

3 qts of H20
Last night leftovers of corn salad, spaghetti, & fried rice for breakfast
Banana w/ almond butter, chocolate sauce, walnuts, a sprinkle of cacao nibs (that darn sugar fix again)
Same as breakfast
Leftovers again for dinner

None…I feel like a lazy bum!
No sauna or tan
Finally made a video
Read a chapter of 4 hour work week
Picking up more snowboard gear for the kids for this coming snow season.


  1. >Thanks for sharing the link to your blog. I love hearing what’s working for you. Have a great week!

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  2. >Thanks for sharing the link to your blog. I love hearing what’s working for you. Have a great week!

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