Speaking at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo on Nutrition & Health

Posted By Lori Painter on Feb 7, 2012 | 8 comments

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  1. Lori,  You nailed it.  Your health, enthusiasm, knowledge of subject was extremely evident. You really stood out in the line up at the end.  The others appeared as dim light bulbs in comparison.(this is the truth, but love them all for their health orientations)
    What can I say, “Lori Rocks”.  Sign me up as a member of the Lori Rocks fan club when it happens.

    What is so important is the truths that you are sharing and giving.  So we can all learn and give.  In so doing change the world.  As you said in our phone conversation,”Pay it Forward’. (Must see movie, to know what it means if confused)

    So how did you manifest, “on point”?    You use it frequently.  It works, but it sounds militaristic in a way.  Tom

    PS   forgot to mention you also nailed your impromptu speaking.  Very fluid, energetic,connected to audience.

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    • Thank you Thomas!

      When I say “pay it forward” I am suggesting you pass along the wisdom you have learned and share your gifts with the world.

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    • BTW, “on point” rubbed off onto me from a dear friend. I liked it and it stuck with me.  When I say I am on point I am saying it is right in alignment with me.

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  2. Hi Lori, what about white tea? Do u recommend drinking it for health benefits? Thanks!

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    • Hey Kate,

      Although white tea is a gentler tea it is still caffeinated. I suggest steering clear of caffeine for energy and adrenal support along with the fact that caffeine blacks the  absorption of nutrients. Try herbal teas like oat straw, rooibos, etc! 🙂

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      • Thanks Lori! I’m trying rooibos! It’s great with lemon:-)

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  3. Hey Lori , I have another question ! I’m a vegetarian and have been adding more raw foods to my diet. I drink 40 ounces of green smoothie a day. The last couple days I’ve been craving bread and something salty after I drink it. Any suggestions ? Thanks!

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    • Sounds like a possible candida issue or a blood sugar issue, but I cannot know for sure just on that statement. However, if so it’s nothing that can’t be handled easily. If it is blood sugar makes sure fat is not consumed with sugar. If it is candida, same advice on the no fat with sugar (even fruit) and when the body is balancing out the good/bad bacteria balance we can go through that craving phase until the die off of candida is balanced.

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