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Posted By Lori Painter on Jul 25, 2008 | 0 comments has been a wonderful resource for me to connect with like minded people. This is a link of the buying club I am helping to reinstate.

This is a clip of the organic produce buying club that I support. I am the first one chatting away. I get a bit nervous on camera, but I truly feel that services like this should continue and flourish in all communities.

Until I am growing ALL my own food this is something I rely upon. Recently, the club that I belong to has been in jeopardy due to various elements. However, it grew from a handful of people to over one hundred in a matter or months. Obviously, this is something that needs to continue.

Please search out your local farmers, give them your business, get a group together on What better way to go green, support local business and care for your health at the same time?

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