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I have been a bit in a stir since returning back home after the Conscious Growth Workshop. This event was truly a life shifting experience. It shed light on things that I didn’t even realize were effecting me so deeply. It offered plenty of challenges, actions, and solutions to obstacles I have been facing. It challenged me to step up to the game of life and stop being a coward on things that I know my heart has been calling me to do just because it’s safe.

In addition, the energy shift in the group was insane. I started Day 1 feeling a bit shy and out of my element. The exercises were challenging at first, but I gained confidence with each one. I realized how much in my head I have become and it is a nice shift to walk into this world with an open heart and a desire to give and share with others. At the end of Day 3 I was surrounded with love and support. I felt like I made a new family. People really opened up and shared themselves. Barriers and walls came down and people felt safe to be themselves. It was amazing to see the courage and willingness people expressed to grow in a way that brings fulfillment into their lives as well as contribute good to the world.

I am honored to have shared this experience with so many beautiful people and I look forward to seeing the growth that comes from being in alignment with Truth, Love and Power. Here are some of the realizations I had at the workshop and some practical actions I am applying into my life.

Realization 1
I have a limited social life offline.

I want to expand and interact with growth oriented people on a consistent basis.

Attend weekly social gatherings that support conscious growth.

Realization 2
I have given my power away by making excuses for why I am not engaging in a romantic relationship.

To enjoy an intimate physical relationship with a conscious man who challenges me and nurtures me as well.

Accept dating invitations.
Approach men that I am attracted to rather than shy away.

Realization 3
I feel very insecure about my body.

To feel like an empowered goddess and shine in the realization of who I am and the gifts that I have to share with others.

Compliment myself daily in the mirror for what I love rather than where I lack.
Honor my body with daily exercise.
To love foods that love me back (high green raw food diet)!

Realization 4
I waste time and feel scattered.

To make the most of my time, feel effective, & intentional.

Log my time for 24 hours
Do a 30 day trial to wake up by 6 AM & make the first hour of my day the most effective.

Realization 5
I feel comfortable yet complacent in my home life, but I am afraid to move.

To live in a more inspiring environment.

Set the intention and attract a better living environment.

Realization 6
Money does not dictate what my actions are. I refuse to allow the belief that I am limited by money.

I would like to attract financial abundance into my life. Live my life according to my intuition and not by my bank account balance.

Act on financial growth opportunities

Realization 7
I have been shying away from taking the next step with my career.
I fear public speaking.

To feel passionate and make a positive contribution.
To inspire people on a larger scale & do more public speaking on personal empowerment.

Engage in public speaking opportunities.
Share my life publicly and authentically.

I feel a stronger passion to live my truth and a desire with action steps that take me in the direction of my dreams. I encourage you to open yourself up to the life you deserve to live. I will be sharing my experiences along the way. I know that no one is perfect, but it’s not about the end result but the journey along the way. It’s about becoming more genuine and really connecting with people and taking actions that are worthy of me.

I am inspired to act! 😉

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Magic Mountain & Steve Pavlina

Posted By on Oct 1, 2009

While Steve was in So Cal he invited me and my kids to go to Magic Mountain. My kids had never been & I thought it would be fun. The plan was to have Emily (Steve’s daughter) with us. Unfortunately she came down with a fever the night before and was unable to go & Erin & Kyle don’t particularly like roller coasters.

My kids did OK, but honestly Meg was still pretty freaked out by them. Especially since our first ride was X2. WHOA! That ride really whips ya around! So, I think that it freaked Meg out so much she was leery of all the other rides. I was able to coax her onto a few more rides. She loved all the water rides. I didn’t show how soaked I was in the video, but let me tell you I was SOAKED!

We hit up all the rides: X2, Terminator, DeJaVu, Riddler, Batman, Ninja, Tatsu, Jet Stream, Log Jammer, Roaring Rapids, Goliath, Scream, Colossus, Viper, & Revolution.

I had not been to an amusement park in a long time, but I didn’t take into consideration my car accident in 2005 where I experienced vertigo. So, unfortunately I did get a little queasy and my head got whacked around a bit. I have been dealing with some nausea and dizziness since the trip so I plan on getting this vertigo treatment. It worked in the past so I am sure it will work.

Unfortunately, we were told that vegan burgers were sold at the amusement park, but that was false. We even searched high and low for fruits and veggies, but only found roasted corn. It’s too bad they search you down and won’t let you bring in outside food. We ended up eating fries which put my son into french fry coma. He wasn’t feeling very good, but it eventually wore off. So, if I go again I am definitely packing my own food. I’ll go to my car and eat…that’s fine, but Magic Mountain is definitely not raw or vegan friendly.

This weekend I am attending Steve’s Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to report back to you what I experience. I know it will be a blast! So stay tuned for more info!

BTW, I have apologized for being so bratty to Steve….. So Pavlina fans…..don’t go after me at the workshop! 😉

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