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Walking Into Knowingness

Posted By on Dec 27, 2009

In honor of the upcoming new year I have been contemplating my life intention, direction, and challenges/opportunities. This morning I realized I am at a crossroad in my life. It is time to love the person I have been and time to embrace a higher version of myself.

I used a simple method of looking at my complaints and compliments that I expressed about others. In this indirect way I was able to see myself being objective and thorough. I know that I am all that I see in others whether I am complaining or complimenting.

Here is what I found I was complaining about in others. Then I changed their names to “I am…”

  • a very sexually attractive person who feels a false sense of reassurance and self worth through displaying self in a sexy/ flirtatious manner.
  • experiencing periods of attachment & insecurity
  • frozen in fear & not taking action
  • not claiming the life I know I deserve (self worth)
  • inefficient use of time & talents
  • wavering focus & direction
  • too stuck in the head that I get locked in intelligence/reason mode that is squeezing the magic out from happening or allowing
  • unlimited potential and the world unfolding before me, realizing I could have a commanding presence & really impact lives if I owned it.
  • wavering on taking responsibility on where I am at.
  • experiencing minor glimpses of lower levels of consciousness, yet highly evolved getting glimpses of a higher truth/ reality.
  • understanding freedom & enlightenment
  • passionate about growing, sharing and teaching as I learn
  • a person with a huge heart
  • a person with a desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives on a large scale

I then thought about the people in my life that I admire. I took off the names of others and changed it again to “I am….”

  • present, conscious, self assured
  • understanding & remembering my life direction
  • knowing my presence is my gift
  • a leader
  • serving by holding my level of awareness. In doing so people find clarity in their own lives and raise their own consciousness so that they see solutions & change their own lives.
  • the very best thing I can do is maintain this state of knowing consciousness & live in that truth.

This is my direction to master! I am reminded of the last phrase in Mother Teresa’s poem “Anyway” where it states:

“In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

I see myself very clearly right now and I am so thankful that through observing and enjoying my interactions with everything around me and that I am able to see the truth in my reality.

The people I am complaining about are opportunities to see if I am really done with that level of life. Have I really let go from the old to walk into new realms? How assured am I?

The people I admire are opportunities to see if I am really standing present and owning it simply, quietly, consciously with a knowing and freedom.

Am I ready to take the torch from my lower self and stand tall with a higher level of living. Can I incorporate it and saturate myself with such a presence that it emanates from every pore & action of my being?

Are you ready to stand in your knowingness or do you need to dabble in the “old familiar”. Are you ready to let go to move forward?

What more of a resolution do you need than to walk in your own truth? Enjoy your new year!

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