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It is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to be depressed and grateful at the same time! Think about that every time you are feeling blue. Shift your focus on what you have. It’s another way of taking an inventory of your life and discovering what you do have. This is perfect to do once a life detox has taken place. The garbage is gone, now let’s see the good stuff .

Thanksgiving is coming around the corner and rather than stuffing my face with food, I’m filling up my soul with thanks. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the only time I reflect on the things I am thankful for. I keep a daily gratitude journal. I write in it almost every night before I fall asleep. It makes for an easy transition into sleep and beautiful dreams.

I think of the things that would affect me if they disappeared from my life tomorrow. Here are my top 10 ranked

1. My kids
2. Their father… if I had a romantic partner he’d be here too!
3. My family
4. My friends
5. My pets
6. My clients
7. My health & well being (I suppose this should be number one, since it affects how I am able to relate and contribute to those listed above.)

Big Time Bummers
8. My home
9. My car
10. My journals, home videos, and photographs

OK, OK….I know I said ten, but I had to throw this in there too.

11. The Internet, my computer & cell phone (Funny, because these are just means to stay connected to the relationships mentioned above. )

These are the things I really need to nurture and really remember to appreciate. I know that all those things I mentioned above are not permanent. I will eventually lose them all. EVERYTHING! It makes me think….am I really enjoying them? Am I really making the most of them. Do they know how much I care?

On the other hand, I feel less of a need for other materialistic belongings. I mean really, if I have all the above listed things in my life, the extra “stuff” just might be a distraction or clutter in my life. Truth is, we only use about 20% of what we own. Back to purging! Living light inspires the soul.

Ten More Things I Am Thankful For
1. The experience of Motherhood & being a woman
2. Living during these times & technology
3. My knowledge and experiences
4. My health, beauty, energy, able body
5. My dreams and direction
6. A connection to a higher power & sense of self
7. Living in safety, where the sun shines and the weather is warm
8. My time
9. Being well received by others
10. Unlimited Potential

What about being grateful for the hardships and life challenges?

5 Challenges that I overcame & made me who I am today.
1. Poverty & Abuse
2. Shoplifting
3. Exotic dancing
4. Failed relationships
5. Single motherhood

5 Current Challenges I am experiencing today & being thankful for the opportunity to grow & learn from them.
1. Financial burdens… I want to live free from financial obligations
2. Weight gain…. I want to feel secure in my own skin and celebrate physical health
3. Self esteem….I want to feel confident in who I am and what I am capable of
4. Discipline & Focus…I want to stay on task so I can experience the things in life that really matter most to me.
5. Being single… I want to grow and share life with a life partner.

What are you thankful for?

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