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To be honest when I received tickets to attend an International Alchemy Conference I didn’t really know what to expect. I really didn’t even know exactly what “alchemy” meant. However, after seeing that Dr. Masaru Emoto and Don Miguel Ruiz would be speaking I knew it had to be a good thing. Upon arrival to the event someone stopped me and mentioned that I did not “look” like someone who was into alchemy. What does an alchemist look like anyway? Once I walked into the conference everyone looked normal to me & I didn’t feel out of place at all.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to hear Dr. Emoto speak. The room was packed, but somehow I was able to get a front row seat. He spoke in Japanese and had a translator, but his jokes and charm were not diluted in the translation. I felt goosebumps throughout his entire speech. According to Dr. Emoto goosebumps are messages from our DNA that deciphers consciousness. I couldn’t agree more. I usually know something is powerful by my goosebumps.

I first learned about him from the film “What the Bleep Do We Know” with Hidden Messages in Water. That was so powerful that I did the rice experiment in 2007. I even posted a blog on water earlier this year. I was blown away by the results and have forever been changed. As Dr. Emoto explained, water is consciousness and within it is our message from God.

Dr. Emoto shared his journeys of healing water around the world and found that within a short time after a ceremony a rainbow would appear. Some of them were double rainbows that were not common to the area at all. He explained that a rainbow is a symbol for peace. Suddenly I was taken back to a memory of when I lived on the North Shore of Hawaii. Everyday I would smell a light scent of pineapples and see a rainbow right in my backyard. Most of the time it would be a double rainbow too! What a beautiful thing to experience!

Dr. Emoto shared the Law of Vibration. He demonstrated resonance and how a perfect pyramid magnified and extended the vibration. AMAZING demo! He shared that music is vibration and water loves beautiful vibration. He feels strongly that music is medicine. I couldn’t agree more. He expressed that even more important than listening to beautiful music was to sing. Our bodies, like water love music and we can feel the vibration emanating from us. He said the person who invented karaoke should have won a Nobel Prize. I agree! In spirit of that, we sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” paying close attention to the lyrics. The IZ version happens to be one of my most favorite songs ever. I actually felt inspired to sing more knowing that I was healing my body. I am making a point to sing everyday!

We enjoyed his photos of water’s response to different environments from placing water on a photo, exposing it to beautiful music and words. Speaking negative words has a negative effect on the water and of course, since our bodies are at least 75% water we must be aware that it also affects our bodies negatively. Positive words create beautiful sound. Dr. Emoto called our bodies “Little Universe”.This inspired me to speak more positively. I’d love to only speak eloquently and beautifully especially since I know it not only affects my body, but consciousness itself. Dr Emoto explained that consciousness is information from God and it is locked in our DNA. We can unlock DNA from water. He shared that water is the connection between God and Man.

The most beautiful crystal formations came from the words “Love and Gratitude”. He broke down the yin & yang balance of these words:

Love – Gratitude
Fire – Water
Oxygen – Hydrogen
Live – Death
Active energy – H2O- Passive energy

His message was to have love and gratitude with every sip of water we consume. In his ceremonies he says to water, “Water we are sorry. Water we love you. Water we respect you. Water we thank you.”

In addition to Dr. Emoto, I enjoyed listening to Don Miguel Ruiz speak. He is the author of Mastery of Love which is one of my top 10 favorite books. I loved bumping into a fellow raw foodist, Courtney Pool who works at Tree of Life. She was beaming with beauty and light. I was thrilled to see many raw foodists & yogis at this event. I was in heaven with the Om Gym. This looks so fun. It is like having yoga poses and various stretches with an assistant to get you deeper into the pose. Range of motion is crucial to our bodies. I find it interesting that the most flexible people tend to have very open minds too. Another mind body connection, eh? An open body = open mind? Hmmm..

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Posted By on Jul 30, 2009

You’ve seen Daniel Vitalis talking about it. You’ve seen Kevin Gianni (Renegade Health Show), Anthony Anderson (Raw Model), Philip McCluskey (Loving Raw), & Dhrumil Purohit (We Like It Raw) doing it. It’s about time I do it!

What you ask? Collect my own spring water!

I used this resource to locate a spring near me and I have found a few options. I am lucky to live less than an hour away from all of them. If you live in So Cal here are the links for Big Bear Lake
Palm Springs, & Bay Tree SpringIdyllwild (This one is closest to me and I just found out as of July 10th it is closed! To support the reopening of this spring.) check out theses sites: &

However, remembering to put my intention of love into the water is probably the most important. Love is the most powerful tool we have in healing water, relationships, our bodies, and the planet.

I did the rice experiement with my kids as a science project back in 2007 and it was a powerful tool to set the intention of love into my home. It truly changed the vibes of my home.

I had the jars sitting on front of my kitchen sink to constantly remind the kids and me to impress our intention. One was labeled “I love you” another “I hate you” and another was left blank.

We saw changes immediately. The water in the jar labeled “I love you” became pristine clear water and the grain (I didn’t have white rice so I used cooked quinoa and it worked just the same) stayed vibrant and floated to the top as if it was uplifted by love. Even after several months it looked as though it was just prepared.

The water in the jar that was labeled “I hate you” became murky and grey. The grains began to cluster together and rot. It looked like a tumor. It really looked disgusting. It was hard for us to keep saying, “I hate you” to the jar daily because we knew this was affecting our cells as well.

The water in the jar that was unlabeled we were instructed to ignore. It turned yellow, but the grains did not rot.

I highly recommend you try this out. I promise it will change you!

Love your water, your life, yourself, the people in your life.

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