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2011 New DAY Resolutions

Posted By on Jan 6, 2011

Here we are another year later. We are optimistic and enthusiastic about all the goals we have created. However, deep down there is a small pit of doubt in our stomach. We find ourselves asking, “Am I really going to do it this year? Am I really going to accomplish all these goals or am I going to give up on them in 3 months?” I don’t know about you, but this has definitely been the case for most of my life for New Years Resolutions. Don’t believe me? Just check out my Bikini Body Challenge I posted on my blog in 2009. When it comes to making changes, the ones I have kept were never because of New Years, but they were decisions I made just because I wanted to do it. There was no expectation that I HAD to do anything. Somehow, New Years can bring a sense of overwhelm that we MUST do something. We generate these amazing goals with a big gusto and before we know it that goal has somehow vaporized into thin air! Well, I don’t know about you, but I am done with that cycle. After all, the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results. This year I have opted to do something else.

What am I doing different?
I have gone simple. I took time to gain clarity on my intention. Then I created daily FEEL GOOD habits. You know, the ones that make you feel good when you do them. It is my goal to create daily disciplines that feel attainable. They require effort, but they don’t burn me out.

My Intention
This is not just about this year, but it’s about how I want to feel and experience life today and everyday…. for 2011 & for LIFE. That intention is to FEEL GOOD & BE HAPPY. That’s it! I want to enjoy & celebrate life, to feel in love with myself & my life, and pay it forward. My intention is on creating and living a lifestyle I want to live now. To start practicing becoming the person I want to be & do the activities I love. I want to live as if I died today that I would be satisfied with the way I conducted myself in my life. If I knew my time on Earth was limited (which we all know it is) I would choose happiness no matter what. I would KNOW I can do anything. I would see my beauty, focus on progress & not perfection, open up & be vulnerable. I would drop fears and just do it! I would allow that creative expression to flow through me and into my life. I would feel a deep connection to my spirit and operate on high vibrations.

I recently watched a video from Brian & Alexandra Jaye Johnson and I heard him refer to daily disciplines as daily Blissaplines. I fell in love with it immediately because it shifted the feeling of strictness into blissness. My goal for today and everyday is to be consistent with the following feel good habits:
Rise w/ the sun – don’t let the sun catch me in bed 🙂
Contemplate & Silence (ask & see what shows up)
Hydrate- yummy tea
Exercise- get sweaty
Savor slowly: Green, Clean, & Lean Foods (after elimination)
Gratitude Journal
Create & Fulfill Goals
Allow (eliminate resistance/fears)
Study, Practice, & Share
Express My Creativity
Practice Impeccability
Choose happiness
Be a good friend to those around me

The Cool Thing About This Approach
When you are focused on just on doing things that feel good then you just let the outcomes take care of themselves. Perhaps, life will show you results that you may never have imagined. Living this way automatically reduces stress and brings a sense of peace and balance. You will feel yourself taking daily steps that close the gap from where you am to where you want to be. A new day resolution doesn’t give you time to put things off. Procrastination ends and living now begins.

Where Things Go Wrong
We forget our intention, We disconnect from spirit by getting so mentally cluttered that we forget what is most important. The best way I am finding to stay connected to my intention is to take time daily to collaborate with God. You know, contemplate (it’s on my list of daily feel good habits), be silent and give the mind time to detox from incessant thoughts that distract us from what we really want. We all need reminders and this one seems to do the trick! You realize that there is nothing you HAVE to do. These are all things you GET to do.

What You Don’t Want
If you are anything like me you don’t want to put off life. You are done with overwhelming and defeating yourself before you even get started. You are done with frustration and stress. There is no way you can keep going and living with regret. So cheers to turning your life around, one day, one habit at a time. Let life flow through you and enjoy the ride!

Now that I have shared a little bit about my new day resolutions, I’d love to hear yours!

Cheers to LIFE!


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Isn’t it funny how many times we do something we know we shouldn’t be doing, but we do it anyway? Let me give you an example. We know intellectually that a soy chai latte from the Coffee Bean is not the best fuel to put into our bodies, however we drink it anyway. Sometimes we justify drinking it by saying, “Oh…. well…I haven’t had one in a really long time.” Or even worse we say we deserve it as a treat. How can we say putting something in our bodies with no nutritional value and that depletes us is ever a treat? Ultimately, we know we shouldn’t be consuming it, so why do we do it?

As I pondered this I realize it all comes down to realizing our self worth. We will only give ourselves exactly what we feel we deserve. If we hold ourselves in low regard then it is easy to say that it is OK to accept anything less than the best. On the other side, if we hold ourselves in high regard we would only want ourselves to have the best that life has to offer. We wouldn’t see something that is less than the best as a treat. We would see it just the opposite way.

Wouldn’t it be so nice that one day you wake up and you only crave and desire the things in your life that really fulfill you? Imagine that anything less than the best no longer has any appeal at all. Imagine if someone was right next to you drinking a soy chai latte that it wouldn’t even phase you. You wouldn’t feel deprived, actually you felt empowered and free that something no longer had an effect on you. You knew that if you wanted it, you could have it, but you just don’t. The problem is so simple. All our bad habits and cravings would fall away because they wouldn’t be in alignment with how we felt.

If the problem is so simple, then is the solution just as easy? YES! We start seeing ourselves as who we really are underneath all those layers of habits and thoughts. We see the essence and we begin to feel love for all that we are and all that is around us. We give gratitude and love our habits and thoughts for they have taught us and given us contrast for us to grow. We see ourselves as unique aspects of God, and doesn’t God deserve the best? God doesn’t settle or rationalize. God knows what is best and you do too. You know you are capable of so much. Stop dimming yourself, it is time to shine by doing the things that we know we are deserving and capable of.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are we not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

I couldn’t have said it any more beautifully!

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A Vision of Healthy Living

Posted By on May 27, 2009

Healthy living is multi-dimensional and sometimes I can get stuck in few aspects of health, but health is another word for balance which is another word for moderation. It’s about balancing several aspects of healthy living and figuring out how many healthy habits can I adopt. It’s about having a full and satisfying life.

Here is a list that is from Dr. Douglas Graham in his book “The 80/10/10 Diet“.

Fundamental Elements of Health
Are you thriving or surviving?

Sunshine and natural light
Comfortable temperature
Clean fresh air
Pure water
Eat foods for which we are biologically designed
Pleasant environment
Security of life and its means
Satisfaction of aesthetic senses (beauty)
Biophilia (love of nature)
Internal and external cleanliness
Enjoy sufficient sleep
Enjoy rest and relaxation
Vigorous activity
Play and recreation
Love and appreciation
Self control and self mastery
Self confidence
Positive self image and sense of self worth
Individual sovereignty
Emotional poise and stability
Peace, harmony, serenity, and tranquility
Thought, cogitation, and meditation
Inspiration, motivation, purpose, commitment
Creative, useful work (pursuit of interests)
Music and all other arts
Human touch
Expression of reproductive instincts (sex)
Friendships and companionship
Gregariousness (social relationships, community)
Amusement and entertainment
Sense of humor, mirth, and merriment

After evaluating where I am, I found a deepened sense to move back to Hawaii to enjoy the fresh air, comfortable temperature, clean water, beauty, nature, and sense of peace. I want to create my home as a wellness sanctuary with a lush edible landscape in paradise!

Continuing on, I could probably use an internal cleanse and more vigorous activity (even though I am healing from an ankle injury).

Also, I’d like to utilize more self control. I still feel that I lose focus and tend to revert on progress I make at times. Albeit, the bikini body challenge is one of them.

In the sense of good health, I’d like a romantic companion, more human touch, sex, laughter, play, and a stronger sense of merriment. I feel like I am out of balance with these. Sometimes I forget to have fun, laugh and be carefree.

I need to put up my vision board. That always kept me on track. I don’t know why I took it down. Perhaps it was a bit dated. Well, it’s time to post a new vision board! I want a healthy life and feel inspired after looking at these photos.

I am going to keep adding to my list of healthy habits. It’s about outweighing the bad with good and eventually no longer having habits that do not serve me or my health. Here’s to health and living an inspired life.

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Top 10 Daily Commitments

Posted By on Dec 30, 2008

With New Years around the corner I thought I’d nail myself down to a few commitments before I enter the year. I have found that being wishy washy only stresses me out emotionally and I never get the things I wanted to accomplish done. Here are the commitments so I don’t play these head games like, ” Am I gonna workout today?” , “Am I going to eat all raw today?”, etc… Once I make up my mind, the rest is easy. It’s the head games of indecision that haunt me.

Before I make any commitments I should know what the desired end results are. Here are the biggies:

Major Life Categories
1. Health: Bikini Body (purification, raw food, yoga, dance, surf, snowboard)
2. Relationships: Manifest a Man
3. Career/Purpose: Create value & build a successful online presence
4. Finances: Eliminate all debt & generate multiple streams of passive income
5. Living Environment: Expand my gardening/edible landscape
6. Fun & Recreation: see bucket list (see earlier blog)
7. Personal Growth: live honestly, honorably, and immaculately

I will make an effort in each of the above “life categories” each week.

As for the daily basics, the following are the little things I want to have as solid habits.

Daily 10 Commitments
1. water
2. greens
3. exercise
4. get in the sun
4. gratitude journal & visualization
5. do something fun & that makes me laugh or feel really good
6. hug & kiss my kids, smile more & make eye contact when out & about
7. post a blog, video, photo
8. keep immaculate financial records
9. floss & skin brush
10. make my bed & deep clean something

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