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Late July 09 Garden Update

Posted By on Jul 29, 2009

Look what happened in just 3 weeks in my garden!
July 7th

July 28th

I can’t believe how fast things are taking off! Look what importing 5 yards of organic compost, rock dust, seaweed, and other organic goodies can do!

Days have been hot & dry (high 90’s or low 100’s). I had been hand watering like crazy! I have come home to find very wilted plants. I almost feel like I can’t be gone from home very long. I am lucky enough to have a friend who is going to install drip irrigation to these beds. I’ll be taking notes 🙂

A watermelon flower

A newly polinated watermelon

Isn’t this just the cutest thing ever? Now I sound like a new mom bragging about her babies….sorry. Can’t help it. 😉

As a novice gardener I realized I have underestimated these plants. I just found out that one watermelon can take up 100 sq ft! OH NO! I planted about 14 of them. It’s gonna be a scary jungle here soon.

Raspberries are growing. I never knew when raspberries were in season. I am guessing sometime in late summer.

Butternut Squash (volunteer)
OMG, I just LOVE butternut squash! It is one of my favorites. I love it as a soup, roasted, steamed, sauteed, you name it. I need to learn more raw recipes for this amazing food! If you know any post them in my comments box below.

Look what Alex discovered! I had a green preying mantis in my garden a couple months ago, but seeing this guy just threw me for a loop. I didn’t know there were different colors! However, he was hidden behind some rocks and he blended right in!

I think these guys (grasshoppers) are bad for a garden. Not sure. Anyone know? He was kickin’ it on my cherry tomato volunteers.

I have also been enjoying the abundance of bees! I would guess there are over 50 bees or so out in the morning. It feels so good, especially after Mehgan and I watched a program recently on the problem with bees. No bees = no food! Mehgan really wants to raise bees, but I am concerned since my property is rather small. I wouldn’t want neighbors to be trying to kill them. I dunno. Anyone know about this? My lot is just about 8000 sq ft.

Patty Pan on the Vine

I harvested this one. I think this was about the right size before harvesting for best flavor, etc. Again, not sure. Tasted fantastic though.

Yellow Squash (volunteer)

I ate this straight from the garden just minutes after picking. It was so sweet! I can get used to this! 😉

My first one of the season. It’s got a weird shape to it!

A new cantaloupe

Cantaloupe (volunteer) amongst cherry tomato volunteers
Almost ready! Again, I have like 14 of these plants. I am not a big fan of cantaloupe, but Mehgan is. She can easily eat 2 a day!

Lemon Cucumber
I recently trained this up at trellis after it had become a big mess. It sort of shocked the plant I think, but it is doing better. Here is a young cucumber.

I think this is when it is harvesting time. I was told that if it was creamy colored and no longer green then it was ready to go. These are so good. I went to a raw food potluck where there were raw pickled cucumbers with lemon juice, dill, and salt that marinated over a period of several days. Who knew you could enjoy raw pickles? I am always amazed.

Here is a little clip of my compost! I have always had troubles doing it right. I never had crumbly dark soil. Either it would get stinky and too wet at the bottom and attract flies or it would be too dry and never break down. I think in this video it is a bit dry, however it is the best it has ever been. I bet I’ll just keep getting better from here!
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