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What’s in my Refrigerator #2

Posted By on Jun 21, 2009

Yes, you will find cool whip, vanilla ice cream (that I tossed out after making this video)and take out of Vietnamese. We are not perfect and I don’t want to mislead anyone. My son was turning 13 and really wanted a pizza party. I went through some turmoil and then just said, “Fine, this is his party and it’s once a year. If he thinks this is what he wants, then I’ll let him make that choice.” As a parent I know I have to let my kids make their own choices. They need to know what’s out there and why we are choosing to eat this way.

I doubt you’ll find those things in our fridge again considering how junky we felt after eating that. My son was bent over the toilet and everyone saw what happens when we eat junk. Some people that aren’t raw think that when we feel sick from junk that “it’s all in our head”. I highly doubt this is how Alex wanted to feel on his birthday. That is part of going raw, your body really screams at you when you make a poor dietary choice. I think of it as a good thing, because most people are not sensitive enough to know the differences in food and how it makes them feel.

I want to make it clear that we are not 100% raw 100% of the time. We are high raw. Sometimes we will go several days even weeks 100% raw, then we will eat some cooked meals. Since we are on the go sometimes I don’t take the time to prepare or pack food before we leave home. So we will eat vegan dishes at ethnic restaurants since lots of places don’t use dairy and have lots of vegetarian options. My goal is to limit eating out since I really don’t know what’s in the food. In the winter we eat lots of soups, baked yams, and steamed veggies. It’s hard to take down a smoothie when you are bundled up in the winter. I noticed that grains and beans do make me puffy and bloated. So, this winter I will be making more veggie dishes, even if they are cooked. I feel eating at home is far superior to food in a restaurant. So, that is the direction we are headed. And to think we used to eat over half of our meals out in restaurants about 5 years ago.

Our life was very different. Rather than focusing on the fact that we aren’t 100% where we want to be, I like to focus on how far we have come. It encourages me to keep going. If I think about how we still eat out or cooked or whatever, then I feel guilt or shame and that is VERY UNempowering. It makes me feel like a failure, So,I change the focus to PROGRESS. I look at our fridge now and smile. I don’t know anyone in my town who has a healthier fridge than mine right now.

We like to focus on hydration, greens, lots of exercise and sunshine. Overall, we are eating better than we did years ago and I am happy with that. Oh, and Alex wants only healthy food on his next birthday…See, I don’t have to be the controlling mom. He figured it out himself. That’s empowerment!

OK, so I am curious…what’s in your fridge? Make a video, take some pics, post your link in my comment box. I wanna see what you’ve got going on in your fridge! 🙂

P.S. Yes, I am going to superglue my broken fridge drawer!

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