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Today’s Workout
30 min walk in love
60 min yoga class
Playing on the rip stik with Alex & Meg 🙂

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day outside and I wanted to play around with the kids! I have always found fun ways to stay active with having kids. When my children were babies I used them as my “weight” and did resistance training with them! They loved it. I’d get really creative and we had fun bonding! As they got a little bigger I would use them to do acro-yoga poses and play around with balancing them. They even helped me recover from a back injury. Just check out this video below that I posted of  how Meg helped me with Low Back Pain in a yoga pose a few years ago.

Note: To see how Meg helped out start the video at 3:12. Otherwise, if you have low back pain watch the whole thing!

Note: I was really suffering with low back pain in this video and I am happy to say that I no longer have any low back pain. I attribute it to a healthy diet (I found a sluggish digestive track plays a role on low back pain) and yoga!

If you are a mother and you are wondering how you are going to get a workout in with babies and kiddos tugging on your pant legs I KNOW what you are going through! Been there and done that! I encourage you do be active with them. You are unlimited with ideas and options. Being a healthy mom and role model to our children is what this world needs. Other moms need that encouragement too! It seems very easy to hide behind the mommy excuse. Shine for them too! At the kids sports practice I would go for a run or do laps on the field. Soon other mothers would join in rather than just sitting around. In my neighborhood I would put on roller skates and GO…after a month or so I started seeing other mothers and even dads out skating with their kids. What a feeling of satisfaction!

Calling all you moms out there who are keeping it real and healthy… THANK YOU!!!!

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