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I couldn’t let another holiday season go by without addressing the dilema many put themselves into during the holiday season by making purchases on credit cards. I feel being financially responsible and a conscious consumer is THE BEST way to avoid the holiday stress. This funny SNL skit sums it up perfectly. If that doesn’t then watching “The Story of Stuff” might do the trick!

In addition, I am a fan of Leo of Zen Habits and we share a common practice of not getting into consumer hysteria. He challenges everyone to make it a no new gifts holiday season. Read his article HERE.

Lastly, I find it a powerful practice to turn around the focus and really help others in need. I personally have a huge soft spot for children. Tonight my children and I reached out to an organization called “Temecula Valley People Helping People“. It serves all the children in foster homes or who are without any parents in the local county. There were so many stacks of postcards of children who are without their families. When we reach outside ourself  then we are given the most priceless gift of all: compassion and fulfillment.  Perhaps, this shift is all that is needed during this holiday season.

Challenge: Do not purchase anything on credit this season. Can you do it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.





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