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I am getting into raw eating as a lifestyle, however my boyfriend and maybe soon to? be fiance eats nothing but processed food, meat, fast-food. He wants nothing to do with my healthy eating because he is not willing to give up his favorite foods. He is a kind christian man that I adore very much, but could this be a deal breaker down the road? You would think he ate healthy since he is very good looking and in shape, but his hygiene is a different story! I just am scared about getting married and having our views on nutrition completely opposite. What do you think? Thanks, love your videos..just found you today. 🙂

Thanks for reaching out. Congrats on going raw. You have some valid questions about your BF, but there are two things I’d like to mention. First, is to be the person you want to be, eat how you know you should & want to. You are the shining example. As you own it others will be inspired by you. Second, love people as they are not how you think they will be someday. Keep remembering WHY you are with him and all the things you love & the relationship will flourish. The moment you find lack is when things go wrong. Let people remove themselves from you. You don’t need to end the relationship, he will leave if he doesn’t resonate with who you are. That’s a good thing too, because the real people who love you will stay and embrace your growth, it won’t threaten them or the relationship.

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