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Posted By on Jul 30, 2009

You’ve seen Daniel Vitalis talking about it. You’ve seen Kevin Gianni (Renegade Health Show), Anthony Anderson (Raw Model), Philip McCluskey (Loving Raw), & Dhrumil Purohit (We Like It Raw) doing it. It’s about time I do it!

What you ask? Collect my own spring water!

I used this resource to locate a spring near me and I have found a few options. I am lucky to live less than an hour away from all of them. If you live in So Cal here are the links for Big Bear Lake
Palm Springs, & Bay Tree SpringIdyllwild (This one is closest to me and I just found out as of July 10th it is closed! To support the reopening of this spring.) check out theses sites: &

However, remembering to put my intention of love into the water is probably the most important. Love is the most powerful tool we have in healing water, relationships, our bodies, and the planet.

I did the rice experiement with my kids as a science project back in 2007 and it was a powerful tool to set the intention of love into my home. It truly changed the vibes of my home.

I had the jars sitting on front of my kitchen sink to constantly remind the kids and me to impress our intention. One was labeled “I love you” another “I hate you” and another was left blank.

We saw changes immediately. The water in the jar labeled “I love you” became pristine clear water and the grain (I didn’t have white rice so I used cooked quinoa and it worked just the same) stayed vibrant and floated to the top as if it was uplifted by love. Even after several months it looked as though it was just prepared.

The water in the jar that was labeled “I hate you” became murky and grey. The grains began to cluster together and rot. It looked like a tumor. It really looked disgusting. It was hard for us to keep saying, “I hate you” to the jar daily because we knew this was affecting our cells as well.

The water in the jar that was unlabeled we were instructed to ignore. It turned yellow, but the grains did not rot.

I highly recommend you try this out. I promise it will change you!

Love your water, your life, yourself, the people in your life.

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