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My Top 10 Favorable Traits
1. Aware, spiritually connected, leads by his own intuition (internal guidance)
2. Self love, self respect, and a good sense of self
3. Healthy
4. Active/ Athletic/ High energy
5. Passionate entrepreneur connected to his purpose
6. Great sense of humor, laughs w/ life
7. Honest, open, compassionate communicator
8. Attractive
9. Optimistic & proactive
10. Humble & grateful

My Top 10 Least Desirable Traits
1. Religious, condemning, self righteous (it is quite possible to be religious and never experience spirituality, and it is quite possible to be spiritual and never experience religion.)
2. Unhealthy- smoker, drinker, junk food eater, & sedentary
3. A follower- no sense of self
4. Pessimistic, reactive
5. Dishonest, liar, poor communicator
6. “9-5” clocks in and out of an unfulfilling job
7. Unattractive
8. Easily offended/ victim mentality
9. Inactive, low energy, sleeps excessively
10. Boastful, proud, arrogant

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