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Weigh In : 129.2 lbs

The inches are playing games on me, but I have to admit it has been almost 2 months since my last measure and weigh in. So, this is where I am at now.

Bust: 36″
Waist: 28″
Navel: 31″
Hips: 38″
Thighs: 23″
Upper Arm: 11.50″
Calf: 14″

This looks about where I started, but it just goes to show that fat inches and weight loss can be two different things. As I mention in my video, it’s impossible to lose more than one pound of fat a week. So, I am looking at a slow and natural evolution in my body.

My goal is to have fun. I want to enjoy being active not dread working out! I am going simple again with:
walking daily 2-4 miles
sun saluations daily, I want to try this fierce flow !
core rhythms (this was a gift from a friend and I LOVE it). I fall in love with dancing again and again. 🙂

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Many are asking about my bikini body progress. Well, I started to feel overwhelmed and too wrapped up in every little thing I ate or did. It started to turn into a stress rather than a fun transformation. I was putting unneeded pressure on myself in order to lose weight. It felt more like a struggle than anything else. So, I needed to take a break and change things up.

Not only was I stressing myself out emotionally, I think my workouts were too high stress for me. I even think that the adrenalin rush I would get from intense workouts were defeating the progress. If the cortosol levels are too high in the body and the adrenals are overworked it will suppress thyroid function. Not good for someone who is already dealing with a slow thyroid. So, I decided to pick up the yoga and drop the hard core boxing and boot camp classes.

I even laid off spinning since it really reduced my range of motion and slowed the progress I was making with yoga. I have been dealing with a considerable amount of low back pain. I have hyper lordosis which simply means my low back is really overly curved. It makes it a bit more vulnerable. I injured a disc 10 years ago and it just seems to be my weak link. However, when my quads and psoas are fully stretched my back pain greatly reduces. So, lunges, splits, warrior 1 and all those similar stretches are rocking out! Plus lots of core work keeps me better aligned.

As I was clearing out old data in my computer today I came across pictures I didn’t realize I had. This is me weighing in at 108. As you know I am a little over 5’5″. Don’t mind the boob slippage. I was laying on my tummy and sat up quickly . I didn’t realize I was doing a “fashion DON’T”. 🙂

I decided to post these anyway since it really got me excited to think of being that size again. When I see these pics , it takes me back to that feeling confident in my body. I am enjoying this process. As long as I stay in this zone I feel energized and not pressured. I am happy to watch my transformation.

I want to stay in a state of excitement and gratitude. I want to be thankful for what I have now and remember how lucky I am to even have a healthy able body. So many people are less fortunate, disabled, or ill and how dare I complain. I am one lucky chick and I look forward to being as healthy as possible.

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Weigh In
131.4 (down .5 lbs since last week)

Bust: 35.5″ (same)
Waist: 28″ (down .50″)
Navel: 30″ (down 1″)
Hips: 38″ (same)
Thighs: 22″ (down .50″)
Upper arm: 11 (same)
Calf: 13.50″ (down .25″)

Overall, that is a loss of 2.25 inches in just a week. Here is proof that the scale doesn’t have to go down in order for my efforts to be noticed. I do feel that eating after 6 pm and overeating out of frustration has been a culprit to not losing any weight this week. I expect that to happen from time to time. As long as I see changes I am happy. It doesn’t hurt that I kept inches in the curvy spots either. Those are usually the first to go. However, I know they will gradually decrease too. As matter of fact I enjoy having smaller breasts.

Goal: 9 hours
Total: 12
Met goal and exceeded by 3 hours (Woo hoo!)

Workout Breakdown
Yoga: 5 hours
Pilates: 1 hour
Spinning/Cycle: 1 hour
Latin Dance: 3 hours
Circuit Training: 2 hours

48 oz water
64 oz green lemonade (58 oz water, 8 oz lemon juice, 4 packets stevia, 1-2 T Vitamineral Green)
12-24 oz green smoothie
1 bunch of massaged greens
500 mcg kelp (thyroid support)

I didn’t keep as immaculate records as I would have liked this week, so I can’t give you the specifics. I will say that I did at least 75% this week. I will do better this upcoming week. I will tell you that I ate very late some nights, even to the point that I was stuffed. I also had dessert 2 times this week. I really didn’t apply my discipline in my diet as much as I would like to have, but I have to remember this is a process. I don’t want to overdo it and frustrate myself and give up. I have done that in the past too. I want to accept my imperfections and know that I am still doing good. No beating myself up for poor choices..just going to acknowledge them and move forward. Guilt is worse than the action itself.

Other Health Practices
Sauna- I missed it all week and I see a difference in my skin when I don’t do it.
Colonic- I did one this week.

Inspired by Natalia Rose: I would like to not eat a solid breakfast until I have eliminated my meals from the previous day.

Gratitude Shout Out
Thank you Dhrumil and Rawvolta for mentioning me in your blogs and on your websites. You guys rock. Also, thanks to all the readers out there that I don’t know who are reading my blog. I appreciate you too.

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Weigh In

131.8 (down 2 lbs since Day 1)


Bust: 35.5″ (down .25″)

Waist: 28.5″ (down . 25″)

Navel: 31″ (down .75″)

Hips: 38″ (down . 25″)

Thighs: 22.5 (down . 50″)

Upper arm: 11 (same)

Calf: 13.75″ (up .25″)

Overall, that is a loss of 1.75 inches in just over a week. This is fantastic and I need to remember that my efforts are not going unnoticed even if I make a poor diet choice here and there. My good efforts far outweigh the negative ones.


Goal: 6 hours
Total: 11 1/2
Met goal and exceeded by 5 1/2 hours (Woo hoo!)

Goal: 21 quarts
Total: 25 quarts
Met goal and exceeded by 4 quarts (Woo hoo!)

Goal: 14 servings
Total: 9 1/2 servings
Did not meet goal, short by 5 1/2 servings. This is probably why I ate things I shouldn’t. It is hard to eat junk when you are full on greens. Plus they squelch my cravings since they are feeding my body the nutrients I need. Therefore I am not “starving” for nourishment. I didn’t take any kelp for my thyroid either. I will make a stronger effort this upcoming week.

Goal: 1 hour 20 min
Total: 2 1/2 hours
Met goal, exceeded by 1 hour 10 min. This is actually just an extra goal, it wasn’t top priority, but I am glad I did it. My skin looks better & smells cleaner as a result.

Fasting Blood Sugar

89 (perfectly normal)

Blood Pressure
81/51 LOW! I have always had low blood pressure, but I have been noticing a decrease over the years. However, this almost seems too low. I measured my blood pressure about an hour after doing vigorous exercise and 25 minutes in the sauna. I am not too sure if that contributed to the low number. According to Wikipedia my reading classifies as “hypotension“. When I read some of the symptoms I have to admit that I am cold. However, that may be due to my low body temperature from dealing with hypothyroidism. Aside from that I do not experience any other symptoms. Perhaps this was an inaccurate reading. I took it at a local drug store that carried a machine that self operates. Who knows. The best way to find out is to keep taking readings and see what happens.


slightly acidic

Week 2 Goal

My goal is to incorporate more yoga, begin a purification program, & go high greens.

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Here is a picture of me last year where I was at my ideal.
I weighed: 108-110. My measurements were: 34-25-35
I did lots of internal cleansing with milk thistle, dandelion, and lemon. I worked out training 2 times a week and a 2 hour power yoga session at least once a week. I also was drinking 1 1/2 gallons of herbal tea or water a day. I did not eat until I had worked out. I earned my breakfast. I made my meals last a minimum of 20 minutes, I chewed until liquid and I ate to keep me from being hungry rather than being full. I took lots of green supplements as well as kelp for my thyroid.

Well, time passed, I changed my diet to vegan. I started eating lots of grains, beans and starches. I also stopped working out as regularly. I became more sedentary, working on the computer and more inconsistent with my eating. All my good habits slowly disappeared. So, here is where that took me. This is my starting point now:

Age: 32
Height: 65.25 inches
Weight: 133.6
BMI: 22.1
Frame: small
Type: Meso- Endo

Waist: 28.75
Navel: 31.75
Upper Thigh( up 9″ left): 23
Calf( down 4″ left): 13.50
Upper Arm( down 6″ left): 11

Maybe now you can understand why I am feeling so blah! about my body. It is time to get those good habits back and rock out a hard body.

I am not one to wait until New Years to take on a new project. I usually do them as I see fit. However, there is so much energy in the New Year that I thought I would take advantage of it and make ME my New Years Resolution. I feel that the number one thing that bothers me in my life is my body. I know that may sound weird to some who watch my videos, but being very invested in health I know that I am not in optimal physical condition. This wears away at my self esteem and my confidence. I tend to avoid social events. Sometimes, I realize I am being ridiculous and I get out and just live life regardless of how my pants fit or what the scale says in the morning. I feel like I am somewhat of a hypocrite if I do not emulate all that I educate to others. So, if it bothers me this much I might as well do something about it. Not only is health my profession, it is a passion of mine. I find that in my free time I am learning more and more about living a healthy life. I would pay to learn more and try different therapy modalities. If I was a billionaire I would still invest in my health. You just can’t take it out of me, no matter what, health is going to be a major role in my life. It only makes sense, if you don’t have your health you really don’t have a foundation to build your life upon. I truly feel that when you start with your body and clear out the garbage and fill up on the good stuff that it enables the mind to become clearer. We can take in more information, our focus and concentration is improved as well as our memory. When the mind is clear it is much easier to feel our spiritual connection and follow a life path that is truly satisfying. As we jump start the body, the mind opens and the inspiration flows through us. The whole mind-body-spirit approach is addressed just by improving our health.

It makes sense to make this the number one step in personal development. Steve Pavlina is a huge advocate of 30 day trials. So, I thought I’d give it a shot myself.I have done 30 days on a raw food diet. My plan is to expand on that.

The plan for the next 30 days are as follows:

  1. Exercise a minimum of 60 minutes daily
  2. Consume a minimum of 3 qts of water daily
  3. Consume greens & kelp
  4. Complete a purification program

I have been doing some of these for a while, but I am not consistent on a daily basis. That’s where blogging and video comes in handy. I need the accountability to stick with this and what better way than to go public. It’s not very fun sharing an out of shape bikini picture with the world. I can’t wait to share my in shape bikini picture, though. I am keeping my eyes on the prize!

I will be posting regular daily updates on my progress, what I am experiencing, learning and so forth. I will also include my weigh in weight, my measurements, BMI, food log and workout log!

What are you waiting for? Do you have a rocking hard body? If not, get to it! Let’s do this together!

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