The Most Powerful Diet I Know

Posted By Lori Painter on Jan 19, 2012 | 7 comments

I am asked on a regular basis what I eat. In today’s video I give you the low down. This diet is the MOST powerful diet I know and I have been studying nutrition for over 10 years now. Incorporate this diet and watch your health SKYROCKET!

Just click on the image to watch the video

Interested in what foods are the most nutrient dense? Check out Andi Scores of Food and The Most Nutrient Dense Foods Note: that all these foods listed are generally considered “healthy” (processed food didn’t even make the chart) but it is clear which foods give you more bang for the buck!

Click this link to find out the closest scanner to you to get a Biophotonic Scan

Watch this video of my kids & I getting scanned a few years ago!

Here is Mike Adams Results. I incorrectly named Mike Adams Scan Score. It is 89,000



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  1. Hi Lori,

    I have just started writing my blog, and i wanted to take this oppertunity to share my understanding with you.

    I came across an ancient Hebrew saying “Em Khol Chai” it means the Mother Of All Life”, it forms the fundemental foundations of my health programme.  You see i see the Creator through a female perspective rather than the perspective  of the male ego .

    Mother nature does not create plant or animal  life so that it can be eaten as a food source, and we should only eat life for our subsistence rather than eating for taste or pleasure.

    In the Bible Adam and Eve were vegans who could only eat a plant based diet from the Garden of Eden, it was not untill the Great Flood that God allowed Noah to take animal life and eat meat.

    Also a diet should not be based soley on the Nutrtional Density of food but on the foods biosymbiotic relationship with your bodys ecology. Mother Nature is very wise, and in her wisdom she  has created fruits which are sweet so they are rewarding when eaten, and created bitter flavours when food does not want to be eaten.

    Also it is impotant that people avoid all plant vegetable oils, especially Olive oil, because  Mother nature did NOT create olive oil as a health food, but as a polyunsaturated fat that sufficates insects and oxidates the digestive system of insects and animals. OLIVE oil is the mother of FREE RADICLES which supresses your immune system. Also impotant to realise that all Vegetable oils are refined products, consuming  unrifined olives or olive oil will cause many people to vomit and suffer from sever stomach cramps

    Love,peace and good health Lori Painter.

    ps. when are you starting your fund so that i can make my investment.

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    • mother nature does not create plant or animal life so that it can be eaten as a food source?  Must be a typo because then you talk about eating plants?  Also evolutionarly speaking it seems that animals of all sorts have been eating each other.  Here in Alaska you would be hard pressed to live on plant life alone if it wasn’t for modern society that ships in these things.  Natives ate both meat and plant life to survive.  Reality is we all will eat what is necessary to survive when confronted with hunger.  In the book/movie Alive humans resorted to cannibalism to survive.  Moose and Carrabou have digestive tracks that allow them to eat grass/bark/leaves that we as human may not be able too.  I do think we should strive to eat whole raw unprocessed plant life.  We should learn to breath more deeply, for there is energy in the breath.  Most of all we need to learn how little we need to and should eat to maximize health.  Delrashid you are an idealist and so am I.  Unlearning seems to be harder than learning, we are both do both.  Thanks for you comment.  Lori rocks.

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      • hi Tom,

        As i have said, i am researching health etc, i must say at one time i was an Idealist but mother nature made me a a realaist !!

        I read a book titled “Sex and the Origin Of Death and in it the author hyposthesied the for the first 3 billion years of evolutionary development there was no need for cellular Death.

        All life to our present knowledge, exists from the instructions carried by the universal code of life containd in DNA. Thus all plant and animal life has a common origin.  Which in turn means that the universal energy of life is the same in plants, insects, animals etc.

        I strongly belive we should only take what we need from mother nature, and respect every thing we consume including living plants.

        I am sure you know about Darwins Galapogos Finches, each island had the same speices of Finches but with uniqe beak adaptations. i see humans similar to Darwins Finches, we all have originated from Africa but evolution and the enviroment has created varoius sub species of humans.

        It strange you live in Alaska, because the other day i was reading an article from the Discovery magazine called the “Inuit Paradox” As you know pre 1940s the Inuit Nations had a high fat, high meat and low plant based diet, Cancer and Cardivasculor dieseas was unheard off. WHY ?.

        Cannabalism, has been part of human history from the begining of time, when the tribe was hungry you would pillage the next tribe eat the men rape the women and grow your tribe. Even today have not lost our  connection to cannabalism, it is at the heart of the Christain faith, as many Christains consume bread and wine as the representation of Christs body (flesh) and blood. i am sure there are still tribes who consume the died bodies of thier loved ones.

        i agree Lori rocks, i would not be takeing the steps that i am if i did not recive inspiration and motivation from here posts.

        Thanks and good health Tom

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        • Yes I know what you are saying about native diet.  The consumption of meat does not seemed to of had the effects it has on other races of people.  Possible explanations:

          wild food is low in fat, no chemicals and growth hormones
          native people evolved to this diet as they have evolved to withstand colder temperatures than us non-natives

          natives tend to get fresh air and exercise naturally

          Of course now that most natives have become modernized with snow machine, guns, tobacco, alcohol, subsidized living, modern housing they are over-all no healthier than the rest of us.

          Their native cultures are becoming depleted and they are going the way of the modern man.  The forces of a “easy life” are just too irresistible.

          As to what we need from nature:  We need so little and what is more important we would be happier and healthier with less.

          One factor I think that is underrated is the act of breathing.  I think as we become more in touch with our bodies we will have a knowing as to what it needs and become more conscious of breath.  For breath more important than food as the giver of life.  Try stop breathing for 1` minute to remind yourself how important breath is.
          Yet most of us are not conscious of our breath and we do no breath deeply and or consistently which again reinforces our unconscious state.

          One thing that modern man has lost is his/her relationship with nature.  To be one with nature rather than to be an adversary of nature was a much more advanced to state of being for both the human and the ecosystem.  

          This is an example where the sum of the parts is less than the whole.  For as individuals we have value but as a whole we are priceless and irreplaceable.

          It great communicating with other’s like you seeking a state of higher consciousness.  Our true and authentic nature.

          delrashid rocks2

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          • Hi Tom,

            So glad to have met you on Lori’s Blog,

            I have a fundemetal understanding of Biology and how it forms the foundation of life. Life, Consciousness are simply a serious of biochemical reactions and processes.

            With this in mind i have developed the following idea which i would like to share with you.

            I know that Eastern Phlosophies place a great weight and emphasis on the Breath. They belive that the breath contains the energy of life itself. But they fail to explain why the breath is important.

            Most of us understand that we need to breathe to provide our body with oxygen etc for this we have lungs but their are many life forms that breathe but have no lungs namely plants and bacteria.

            There is a biological and phycological effect when we focus and try to control our Breathing. The Brain neurons use 20% of our bodies energy reserves and 25% of the available oxygen.

            One interesting thing i have found is that as humans we can not breathe and swollow at the same time.

            Soon  as the brain detects fluctuations to oxygen supplies it biologicaly inhibits certain non essential brain functions, which has a calming effect on the brain and body.

            We meditate all the time, when we go to sleep, our brain does not shut down, we can burn upto 800 calories while we are asleep, we also meditate while we sit down to eat because our breathing patterns change etc.

            I was once asked my age, at the time i said i was 39 years old, but i was told i was much much older, you see every hydrogen atom in me is at least 13.7 billion years old, which were created since the begining of the univrerse, and every carbon atom is old as 6 billion years, as such we are created from the dust of long past suns. As such when our life comes to an end no matter what our atoms will continue to exist untill the end of the universe.

            To my understanding this means that the Souls does not exist, and that our knowledge of the universe and life can not compete with the natural forces of nature.

            i have my own theroies of what is the Human soul ect but that is another story.

            i would value your thoughts and opinion.

            Thanks and good Health Tom

  2. Thanks Lori for getting another video out.  I love getting my Lori fix.  You have such great enthusiasm with a positive outlook, loving, happy,and compassionate.  The information is always great.  I did miss the wave good-bye and  the kiss, that’s adorable.  I find to really get the information in your videos it is best to review them consistently until you master it is what your saying.  In this world of more is better, I have found less is better, but master the less and let go of the more.

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  3. Wow!! Off the charts LORI !!! What a great score and testimony to your lifestyle choices! Thank you for sharing your journey and your victories with us!  Your insight and desire to help us all are such a gift! Much appreciated! Bless you dear lady!  

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