Week 1 Update: Emotional Fitness Challenge

Posted By Lori Painter on Oct 9, 2011 | 5 comments




  1. i have struggled through lifes challenges using different methods and philoshopical ideas, but what i have come to realise is that life is a challenge full of expectations, difficulties,and joys. Some times living an ignorant life is bliss, however awareness allows you to overcome ignorance. life is like a race track with hurdels, the hurdels being the difficulties we come across.

    I read an article by Lora Borodisky, called “how language shapes our thoughts”, it has inspired me to see how our enviroment, people, etc all shape our thoughts. We should learn to be content with ourselves, but also we should make aware to those who are ignorant of us, that because we dont react to thier comments or views that we are weak, and can be dominated.

    So how do we avoid that Lori ?

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    • We don’t avoid…we work through! That is how we build our character. What others do is not in our control…. only how we choose to respond. 

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      • ah, very good lori, i understand now, thanks.

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  2. Where’s week 2 update??

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