Week 2 Update: Emotional Fitness Challenge

Posted By Lori Painter on Oct 19, 2011 | 5 comments


  1. humm,
    hi Lori,
    I have learnt that our psychological behavior is influeced by many enviromental, social and biological factors.  We our children untill the day we die, but how we cope with emotion depends on our knowledge.

    i cam e across a test develeoped by a recruitment company, it was how do you get an a giraffe into a fridge, you can google it if you like, any way 90% of the executives got the questions wrong but the majority of 5 year olds got some or most of the questions right.

    The questions go something like this;
    1) how do you get a giraffe into the fridge ?
    2) how do you get an elephant into the fridge ?
    3) the lion king is holding a party in the jungle for all the animals,but one animal is missing ! which one is missing ?
    4) you are in this jungle you have to get acros a river that you know is infested with crocodiles how do you get across ?

    Trying anwsering the questions before you google the answering the question.

    Any way the results of this test raised for me  the questions  of why children think differently to adults, and how an do we develop from the innocents of childhood to become devious adults?

    i have come to learn that our emotional fitness depends not only on our life experiances but on people like you lori who can provide the wisdom support and advice on how to overcome lifes challenges. Emotion is a psychological reaction to a event how you overcome it is based on your cognitive knowledge.

    i learnt this from the advice you gave me in you last post, it suddenly became so clear.

    Wishing you all the best.

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  2. ps, well done lori, i was just thinking about your blogg and i have been inspired to  understand the virtues of “positive attitude”, i am not going to let other people control my life.

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  3. Wow!  Most of us have the emotional state of an 8 year old…that explains a lot. ha ha.

    Loved learning about the book “Power vs. Force”.  Will definitely check that out.

    I like the analogy of a battery and keeping our energy full.  Your energy is definitely full, it’s great to see how much fun you have doing your videos.

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