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The Most Powerful Diet I Know

Posted By on Jan 19, 2012

I am asked on a regular basis what I eat. In today’s video I give you the low down. This diet is the MOST powerful diet I know and I have been studying nutrition for over 10 years now. Incorporate this diet and watch your health SKYROCKET!

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Interested in what foods are the most nutrient dense? Check out Andi Scores of Food and The Most Nutrient Dense Foods Note: that all these foods listed are generally considered “healthy” (processed food didn’t even make the chart) but it is clear which foods give you more bang for the buck!

Click this link to find out the closest scanner to you to get a Biophotonic Scan

Watch this video of my kids & I getting scanned a few years ago!

Here is Mike Adams Results. I incorrectly named Mike Adams Scan Score. It is 89,000



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Enjoying the Sun

Posted By on Mar 29, 2009

We live in a society that tells us to cover up and fear the sun. I too was hit with that stigma while I was directing a day spa. Our aestheticians constantly preached the sun block story. I can totally understand too with all the skin cancer issues. However, rather than solely blaming the sun for these unfortunate circumstances. Let’s address a couple related issues.

First of all, cancer cannot grow in oxygen rich blood. Even more, the Ph level of the blood needs to be off balance in order for cancer to thrive in the body. Lastly, cancer is a fungus and it’s food is sugar and too much fat in the system clogs and causes stagnation. Skin cancer occurs when the body is nutritionally imbalanced and the skin does not have the antioxidants to keep the skin protected.

Do you have any idea of what is in sunblock? If you ate it, would it make you sick? Well, applying toxic products to the skin is worse than eating toxins. At least the liver can filter the garbage out a bit when we ingest them, but when we apply it straight to the skin it is a direct route to the blood stream. No filtration took place. Some people suggest that the sunblock is the problem and not the sun.

Denying the body of sunlight is not wise. Think of a plant that is denied sunlight. What happens to it? It grows lanky and weak. The plant is susceptible to disease. We aren’t that different. We need sun and we need it all over our bodies. Back to the plant analogy, imagine if only half the plant was exposed to sunlight. What would happen? Can the plant really be healthy? So, what am I suggesting here? GET NAKED in the sun. I know, you are freaking out, but seriously, if you care about your health and you give it a shot you will see how wonderful and well you feel.

So, go out and get a bit of healthy sunlight. Be smart about it and don’t go overboard here. Acclimate yourself. Start off peak hours before 10 am and after 4 pm. Try 10 minutes and work your way up to more exposure. In the winter lay out in a sunny window.

Try natural sun protectors through eating them. Eat vibrant, rich, full rainbow spectrum of fruit and vegetables. Did you know that each color conatins a different antioxidant? Eating a diet high in all the colors of the rainbow ensures balanced coverage. It’s funny to note that in the winter the food that grow are primarily green and in the summer all the colorful fruits and veggies emerge. This is because plants produce a pigment as a way of preventing from being sunburned. Eating them raw provides us with that same sun protection since antioxidants are destroyed in the cooking process. Eating 2-4 Brazil Nuts a day which contains all the selenium we need for sun protection also.

Lastly, coconut oil and aloe vera is a great sun block!

Go on and have fun in the sun!

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My Skin Care Story & Regime

Posted By on Feb 26, 2009

Since I started posting videos on YouTube I have been asked numerous times about my skin care regime. I must say it has evolved and is very different than what it once was.

Here is a video I did a few months ago that I mention my skin care regime. Fast forward to minute 3 to hear about my skin.

As a child and very early teen I always had been complimented on my skin. Funny, I never saw it and always felt a little embarrassed when I was complimented. In my later teen years, what I saw in the mirror was much different. I would see enlarged pores on my nose, tiny little breakouts and bumps on my forehead. Around PMS time I would get painful pimples around my face. I would put oatmeal on my face, egg whites, avocado, you name it. I resorted to OXY pads and every skincare product that was mentioned in the magazines. I remember over scrubbing my face and then feeling the burn from the alcohol in the toners. My face would get tight and itchy. I would get peeling skin around my nose. It seemed my skin just became worse the more attention I gave it. It made no sense at the time.

Being a teen my diet changed drastically. I was eating donuts, pizza, soda, fast food. After all, all the magazines I read said that your diet didn’t have anything to do with my skin. It seemed chocolate and fried foods were OK as long as you used the products that were advertised. Well, I bought into it and became a product junkie. I never saw much of an improvement in my skin. All that seemed to happen is that I had more makeup and more goop for my face.

Years later, it was time for my massage practice to expand into a day spa. I spent so much time being “educated” on skin care and I knew what every aesthetician knew and more (or so I thought). Most of what I practice now is not was I was taught, but there were a few things that I found fascinating.

One thing I learned is that microdermabrasion is dry friction. The reason it is so effective is because when dead skin cells are wet they become sticky and do not come off the face. When your skin is dry, the cells flake off. I never had microdermabrasion done, but now I do dry friction in the form of skin brushing. Yes, I do my face, but not all the time. I will also take a soft toothbrush and go around my nose from time to time. I find that this is very effective in keeping my pores looking smaller because they are cleaned out.

In regards to exfoliation, I know not to do too much. I learned it the hard way. There is such a thing as too much and I feel that over-exfoliation is more damaging than never exfoliating at all. About 2-3 years ago I did a pumpkin enzyme peel. Once you do one of these you are to apply sunblock and stay out of the sun. Well, somehow I forgot (on the same day) and went outdoors to wash my car. When I came inside I looked in the mirror and was horrified. I had brown patches all over my face. My skin was vulnerable and basically left out for the wolves. I now have hyper pigmentation on my cheekbones. I now need to be more creative when applying my makeup. It is not as bad as it once was and it is fading. I have seen improvements when applying vitamin C, lemon juice, diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide, and bentonite clay. However, I haven’t done any of these in a while. It just hasn’t been a priority lately.

Despite the sun exposure issue after the pumpkin peel. I am not a huge advocate of sunblock like I once was. I am working towards that philosophy that if I can’t eat it, I shouldn’t put it on my face (However, I still am wearing makeup). I enjoy the sun and actually feel and look better after a little exposure.

My Simple Skin Care Regime
I must attribute my skin to more than cleansing and toning. I feel that the things that have improved my skin the most are the following:

1. Drinking lots of water
2. Sweating (either with a workout or sauna)
3. A little sun everyday
4. Using less skin care products and fussing with my skin
5. Eating a high raw diet ( I noticed that dairy and fried foods made my skin breakout, where sweets, grains and bread made my face look puffy.)

I use a microfiber cloth with water daily. I love this because it removes all my makeup, including mascara. It also removes my excess oils on my skin without stripping my face. Afterwards, I can still feel I have some natural oils on my skin. About once a week or so I use a loofa and Dr. Bronners castile soap. This gives me a little deeper cleanse.

I will skin brush my face and use a soft toothbrush around my nose. I do this about once a month. Sometimes I’ll do it less or more. I am not as aggressive with this as I once was. Like I mentioned before, I think over-exfoliation is worse than none.

I occasionally use coconut oil, but that’s about it. I will apply the oil, massage it in for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess oil that was not absorbed into the skin with a dry cloth.

Sun Protection
Surprisingly, I am no longer the sun block nut that I once was. I think they made me breakout and I didn’t care for the toxic ingredients. I now use coconut oil, aloe vera, and eat a few Brazil nuts for sun protection. I enjoy the sun, however I am pretty smart about it. I acclimate my skin in the spring to be ready for the summer. I try not to shock it and spend a ton of time in the sun after being indoors all winter. I also take it easy and avoid extended peak hours in the sun. I also understand the importance of a raw rainbow spectrum diet to give me sun protection. Every color is a different antioxidant that the plant produces to protect it from being sun burned. Ever notice the colorful produce is harvested after the long summer days? It makes sense if we eat those foods, we will have the same protection for our skin.

I used to have these once a month, but I haven’t seen a professional in over a year. I do have a facial protocol that I do at home from time to time. It includes seaweed, spirulina and bentonite clay. The full facial protocol is coming soon to my blog. So stay tuned 🙂

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