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If This Was My Last Day To Live

Posted By on May 15, 2009

Isn’t it funny how we would view the world and behave if we knew our days were limited? Fact is, we tend to take life for granted. Nobody knows when our day is up. If we did, would we do things differently? I use this scenario of “if this was my last day” for me to regain perspective on my life. This is how I want to live everyday. I want to stay here rather than get swept into the small stuff that doesn’t enrich my life. At the end of my life. I want to know that I conducted my life in this fashion.

1. Love and savor the people in my life like my kids, family and friends
2. Make amends with anyone I needed
3. Watch more sunrises and sunsets
4. Feel thankful for the opportunity to be alive
5. Inspire free living and follow the beat of my own drum
6. Live lightly
7. Eat well
8. Exercise
9. Keep learning and sharing my journey
10. Live in peace
11. Be more loving, patient and compassionate, be more tolerant, and forgiving
12. Forgive and love myself
13. Have more fun
14. Laugh until I have cramps in my side
15. Wake up early
16. Smile until my cheeks cramp
17. Leave my voice to share with my kids
18. Surround myself with my favorite things & create a private retreat
19. Hang out at an outdoor spa
20. Love my dog
21. Make someone else’s day a little easier or better, brighten someone else’s day
22. Enjoy the sun, spend more time outdoors and have picnics
23. Make more videos & blogs
24. Get off the TV and PC and experience living
25. Read to my kids and cuddle at night
26. Do more things that my kids enjoy doing like hide and seek in the dark
27. Do something different each day
28. Hug more
29. Celebrate my uniqueness
30. Make it a point to find the joy in my life and carry a carefree attitude

How about you?

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