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Dancing is ABSOLUTELY my favorite way to get in a cardio workout! The Pussycat Dolls Workout is something that I can see my girlfriends and I getting together and having a good laugh while we learn the moves to this workout.

I love the sexy hot bodies, I love the music, I love the cocky vibe, I love the skimpy outfits that show long and lean muscles.

This workout screams, “I am sexy and I know it!” It really has a lot to do with your attitude and how confident you are in your own skin. Body confidence is something I have struggled with over the years and just this workout alone seems to get me FEELING like a hot mama!

I love that this is a home workout that I can practice in the privacy of my own home without feeling that eyes are on me. I get to just let go, be goofy and enjoy my own sexiness. This workout is huge on cardio, coordination and rhythm.

Today’s Workout
30 min walk w/ my son, Alex and dog, Hailee.
Pussycat Dolls Workout

What did you do today?

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