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Why I Don’t Eat Soy

Posted By on Jun 4, 2009

Another informative article that I read back in 2002 after learning that soy was not good for my thyroid. The Ploy of Soy. I really wish more people knew about this with soy being marketed like crazy and lots of new vegans are coming on board. If I could help anyone going vegetarian or vegan or even raw I would inform them to stay off the soy!

I am not 100% raw 100% of the time. In the summer, I am pretty much 100 % raw, but as the cooler weather approaches I find myself eating homemade veggie soups, steamed or baked veggies. When I became vegan I found myself eating tons of grains and beans. I really felt puffy and bloated from them. So to this day I rarely eat them. If I do I know I’ll be puffy for about 3 days after. Who wants that? So, for me, fruit and veggies are where it’s at. If I go out to a restaurant and have vegan cuisine they always ask if I want tofu. I say “No thanks, just extra veggies please”.

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OK, so the first 100 Day Raw Fu Challenge is officially over. I made it over 30 days 100% raw and then I began to experiment with different foods to see how I felt afterwards. Ultimately, I decided that I want to love the foods that love me back. Why was I sabotaging the opportunity to feel really good? Other foods may taste great momentarily, but the feeling afterwards was less than stellar.

So, where to next? I became fascinated by the intelligence & simplicity of the 80/10/10 program after listening to Dr Doug Graham. As I learn more I plan to undertake that challenge.

Perhaps, what seemed the most profound and simple was to make it a point to get my greens in. During the 100 day challenge I experienced the power of greens. I just felt centered, focused and balanced. Cravings just melted away when I ate my greens. After listening to Victoria Boutenko on Rawkathon that was all I needed to hear. Our subconscious resonates with truth and that hit me like a ton of bricks! I NEED TO EAT MORE GREENS!

So, what exactly have I noticed since I have gone raw? Watch this video!

I came to the conclusion that the whites of our eyes reflect the condition of our liver. It makes sense, right? I mean think about it. When we have babies and their skin and eyes are tinted yellow that is a sign of jaundice which is a liver condition. Why would it be any different in adults? It makes sense that as an adult yellowing in the whites of the eyes were a reflection of our liver.

So, I am going along with Bunny Berry and doing the “Peas on Earth” Holiday Challenge. I am modifying it a bit. My focus is on 2 bunches of greens and 75 plus ounces of water. My kids are jumping in on the challenge. We will be considered high raw versus 100%. I really want to make sure greens make a permanent part of my life before I go any further in my raw food challenge. Plus, if I go 100% raw on some days then that is just a plus. We shall see what unfolds.

I do see the 80-10-10 plan in the future as well as a juice feast, but for now it is very high raw and 2 bunches of greens.

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Non- Raw Foodist Taste Test

Posted By on Oct 27, 2008

I made a kale salad, I admit, I didn’t really care for the recipe myself, but I laugh every time I watch this video. The pumpkin pie with thyme went over very well! 🙂 I will use these victims…er…I mean test subjects again in the future…stay tuned as I hone my raw food skills!

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Day 28
Home school, Gymnastics, Shopping and Library
Watched “What Happens in Vegas”
I am waking up later and staying up late…I don’t like it except for the peace and quiet

3 qts H2O
32 oz green juice: arugula & spinach stems, jalapeño, 2 cloves of garlic, cucumber, celery, 2 nectarines
2 nectarines
Bowlful of yummy cherry tomatoes
Corn Salad (still leftovers)
Banana topped w/ almond butter, cacao nibs, walnuts & pinch of salt & agave


70 minute Power yoga (did Beryl Bender Birch again cuz the kids like this video). This time I was able to do more of the binding poses than last week. I also did all the back bends, handstands, headstands and shoulder stands with ease. After a month I am seeing a bit of an improvement.

30 minute walk
25 min Sauna
Got my Sun On

Day 29
Highlights: Realized that tomorrow marks a 30 day challenge: SuperCharge Me. Time has flown! Entering Phase 2 on Day 31
Downloaded Bryan Kests new video & audio: awesome!
Kids gymnastics

2 big glasses of water for breakfast
First solid meal @ 3pm : ½ tomato w/ ½ avocado w/ a light sprinkle of salt
3 tiny pluots
2 bananas w/ almond butter, agave, cacao nibs & sprinkle of salt (this has become a little habit)
32 oz of green juice (lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, chives, jalapeño, garlic): WHOA SPICY!
2 cups of pico de gallo/salsa ( this was at a restaurant and I felt yucky afterward, maybe they used preservatives or something)

2 hour Power yoga class w/ Bryan Kest
1 hour walk around the duck pond
25 minutes in the sauna

Day 30: SuperCharge Me! Challenge I did it!

Ran into a kind man at the market, chatted over an hour!

32 oz green juice (lettuce, bell pepper, jalapeño, cucumber, tomato)
2 amazing heirloom tomatoes with 1 avocado, salt and red pepper flakes
2 banana strawberry kabobs w/ chocolate sauce & walnuts
1 heirloom tomato w/ ½ avocado

40 min yoga (back bends)…My back is so sore after doing it. I am not sure if this is a stiff and rigid problem or a sign that this is not safe for me. I want to work through it, but I am feeling plenty of LBP today. YUCK.

Day 31:
Hair appointment
Very emotional

Chinese Fried Rice
Sesame Dumplings

45 minute walk
25 minutes in the sauna

Day 32
Went in LA: Learning the ropes of the IEOPBC
Volunteered at the co-op
Mormon missionaries… I shared my views on religion, spirituality and being a living example!
Sergei & Valya Boutenko speak at Raw food meetup
Took in left over scraps: need to post video on raw spaghetti & meatballs since it seems to be a hit!
Stepped off raw to see my response: bloated, DRUNK feeling,

All raw minus the burrito
Chinese fried rice
Samples of dumplings made into lettuce wraps, spaghetti & meatballs, peach & nectarine crumble, coleslaw, co-op salad
Raw Vegan Lemon cheesecake
Burrito: bean, rice, guac, salsa

My off day
Volunteer at co-op
45 min walk around the park

Day 33
90 day positive video challenge…raise the vibrations
Touched by friends from new community: Alexis and Starla
Sauna 35 minutes

100% Fruit Day (not intentional)
1 ½ Qts H2O
A baggie of cherry tomatoes
Banana w/ choco sauce and walnuts
Strawberries w/ choco sauce
Tomato w/ avocado, sea salt, and red pepper flakes


Day 34
Sprouting fall garden seeds
Evaluate my sad little garden

3 qts H20
Strawberries w/ choco sauce
Heirloom tomato w/ ½ avocado w/ red pepper flakes & celtic sea salt
Alfalfa sprouts w/ cherry tomatoes, hemp seed oil, cayenne, and sea salt
Handful of walnuts w/ raw honey
Cherry tomatoes
32 oz green veggie juice

20 min treadmill
10 min rowing machine
20 min sauna

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