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To be honest when I received tickets to attend an International Alchemy Conference I didn’t really know what to expect. I really didn’t even know exactly what “alchemy” meant. However, after seeing that Dr. Masaru Emoto and Don Miguel Ruiz would be speaking I knew it had to be a good thing. Upon arrival to the event someone stopped me and mentioned that I did not “look” like someone who was into alchemy. What does an alchemist look like anyway? Once I walked into the conference everyone looked normal to me & I didn’t feel out of place at all.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to hear Dr. Emoto speak. The room was packed, but somehow I was able to get a front row seat. He spoke in Japanese and had a translator, but his jokes and charm were not diluted in the translation. I felt goosebumps throughout his entire speech. According to Dr. Emoto goosebumps are messages from our DNA that deciphers consciousness. I couldn’t agree more. I usually know something is powerful by my goosebumps.

I first learned about him from the film “What the Bleep Do We Know” with Hidden Messages in Water. That was so powerful that I did the rice experiment in 2007. I even posted a blog on water earlier this year. I was blown away by the results and have forever been changed. As Dr. Emoto explained, water is consciousness and within it is our message from God.

Dr. Emoto shared his journeys of healing water around the world and found that within a short time after a ceremony a rainbow would appear. Some of them were double rainbows that were not common to the area at all. He explained that a rainbow is a symbol for peace. Suddenly I was taken back to a memory of when I lived on the North Shore of Hawaii. Everyday I would smell a light scent of pineapples and see a rainbow right in my backyard. Most of the time it would be a double rainbow too! What a beautiful thing to experience!

Dr. Emoto shared the Law of Vibration. He demonstrated resonance and how a perfect pyramid magnified and extended the vibration. AMAZING demo! He shared that music is vibration and water loves beautiful vibration. He feels strongly that music is medicine. I couldn’t agree more. He expressed that even more important than listening to beautiful music was to sing. Our bodies, like water love music and we can feel the vibration emanating from us. He said the person who invented karaoke should have won a Nobel Prize. I agree! In spirit of that, we sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” paying close attention to the lyrics. The IZ version happens to be one of my most favorite songs ever. I actually felt inspired to sing more knowing that I was healing my body. I am making a point to sing everyday!

We enjoyed his photos of water’s response to different environments from placing water on a photo, exposing it to beautiful music and words. Speaking negative words has a negative effect on the water and of course, since our bodies are at least 75% water we must be aware that it also affects our bodies negatively. Positive words create beautiful sound. Dr. Emoto called our bodies “Little Universe”.This inspired me to speak more positively. I’d love to only speak eloquently and beautifully especially since I know it not only affects my body, but consciousness itself. Dr Emoto explained that consciousness is information from God and it is locked in our DNA. We can unlock DNA from water. He shared that water is the connection between God and Man.

The most beautiful crystal formations came from the words “Love and Gratitude”. He broke down the yin & yang balance of these words:

Love – Gratitude
Fire – Water
Oxygen – Hydrogen
Live – Death
Active energy – H2O- Passive energy

His message was to have love and gratitude with every sip of water we consume. In his ceremonies he says to water, “Water we are sorry. Water we love you. Water we respect you. Water we thank you.”

In addition to Dr. Emoto, I enjoyed listening to Don Miguel Ruiz speak. He is the author of Mastery of Love which is one of my top 10 favorite books. I loved bumping into a fellow raw foodist, Courtney Pool who works at Tree of Life. She was beaming with beauty and light. I was thrilled to see many raw foodists & yogis at this event. I was in heaven with the Om Gym. This looks so fun. It is like having yoga poses and various stretches with an assistant to get you deeper into the pose. Range of motion is crucial to our bodies. I find it interesting that the most flexible people tend to have very open minds too. Another mind body connection, eh? An open body = open mind? Hmmm..

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Calling All Moms!

Posted By on Jun 12, 2009

Any woman who has ever yearned to give her child the very best start in life possible…

Any mother who has felt the need to go against the grain of society’s standard parenting protocol because she knew there was a better way to live and to love…
Any mother who has ever questioned the status quo and believed that life and parenthood and the health of children could be better than it is, then what I am about to show you is something you’ve been waiting for.

“The Raw Mom Summit” is an online event starting on June 22nd and ending on June 30th. For 9 days and 9 nights the wisdom, experience and understanding of over 30 passionate health pioneers and some of the world’s leading experts in alternative health, are bringing their voices together in the name of building healthy families and empowered leaders of the next generation.
You can learn more about this FREE online event by clicking HERE.

Chances like this don’t happen every day.When you sign up for THIS, you’re a part of history in the making. Anyone who registers for this event will look back on it as an experience that transformed they way they think about life, love and parenting.
If you leave it until the last minute and miss your chance to be a part of this, you’ll regret it. It’s a FREE program and I highly recommend you SIGN UP and invite your friends and loved ones to do the same by forwarding them this announcement.
Here’s to the the next generation’s right to lead empowered, healthy lives beyond what we can imagine today.

In love and health,

P.S. Keep in touch, because I’d love to hear what you think of the calls as they happen!
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As many of you know I am a mother of 2 children. My son, Alex just had his 13th birthday and my daughter, Mehgan is almost 11. “School” has just ended for the summer. We have now offically completed our 3rd year of homeschool and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am focused on preparing my kids for the real world and am interested in teaching them the things that I find are missing in traditional school systems such as health, enjoying life, and sharing your passion. Entrepreneurship is something we are learning together. I only wish I had this as a kid growing up, but it’s never too late. As a homeschooling mother, I find that learning is everywhere!

Over the years we have made many changes towards living a healthier lifestyle. Being a single working mom presented some challenges also. However, we have been able to accomplish so many of our goals. As we go along, it seems more opportunities for growth and improvement are constantly being presented. Who knows where it will lead us next.

About a month ago, I was humbled to be invited by Shannon Leone and Tera Warner of for the up-coming Raw Mom Summit. We spent an hour talking about transitioning my children who were used to eating the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) into a high raw diet. As many of you know, I have also been working on my bikini body challenge. I make it a priority to workout very regularly and stay very active. In my interview, I share my tips for staying fit as a busy mom. As a mom it is important for me to give my kids the best support and upbringing for a successful future and I share resources that helped us along the way.

I am amazed by all the wonderful information available on The Raw Mom Summit webpage . Shannon has compiled in over 30 interviews with such an incredible and diverse group of people. Please check out and see how valuble these interviews are to mothers.

Starting MONDAY JUNE 22nd, 2009

What if you could gather together some of the most inspirational health leaders in the world and get them together in the same place for 9 days to discuss the subjects of nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and other family health care issues?

What if you could get YOUR concerns addressed about how to succeed on a healthy diet or how to feed your children the best food? What if you could finally get answers to your questions about:

* What to do about Fertility, Ovulation and Conscious Conception?
* How to prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy, Labor and Childbirth?
* What is Attachment Parenting?
* Which natural remedies to use when your children are sick?
* How to feed a meat-eating partner if you are vegetarian or vegan?
* What should you feed yourself when you’re overwhelmed with cravings?
* How to get kids excited and involved in their own food-prep?
* What to do when our kids rebel against our healthy diet?
* What is going on with the Bees and why is it so important?
* How to shrink our Carbon Footprint?
* What is Sustainability and Permaculture?
* What Super Foods are BEST for kids?
* Exactly what IS the healthiest diet?
* What are the best ways to Raise Children Naturally?
* What are the lesser-known common pit-falls of a Raw Food Diet?
* Which foods help or hinder our Hormones?
* What are the issues around Veganism, B-12 and Protein?
* What do Raw children eat?
* How to get picky eaters to crave their veggies?
* Which foods help kids transition and stick to a healthier diet?
* What are the other Top Lifestyle Factors besides diet for longevity?

What if you could get the answers to all these questions and a WHOLE LOT MORE while washing dishes in your pajamas and bouncing a babe on your hip at the same time?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, not if we’re talking about an exciting new event that has been put together by two self-employed mothers with the spunk and determination to get these questions answered by some of the most outstanding experts in the world!

“It’s time to bring together the Leaders in our community and inspire women as the heartbeat of their homes, to be the change we NEED to see in the world. It’s time that we tell the world that the Evolution of Motherhood has arrived!”

Tera Warner, founder of

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Thanks to Paul (the organizer of an amazing raw food metup group), we are able to see a little of what Happy Oasis shared with us on Saturday. Of course, you hear me ramble about how large the co-op has grown thanks to the dedication of Alexis (mentioned in my last post). It is a bit differnt than a CSA. We don’t pay in advance a lump sum or we don’t belong to only one farmer. If you want more information, please send me a comment and I’ll give more details. Perhaps, I will post a blog on how to set up an organic produce buying club for everyone.

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Happy to Meet Happy!

Posted By on Mar 1, 2009

Every Saturday, I help organize our local organic produce buying club. It was founded by Alexis aka ThriveSurvive in 2007. Since then it has grown to be the largest of it’s kind in the United States with over 600 members. I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate with this group. I love meeting all the people in the community who share the same interest of a healthy body and a healthy planet. My dream would be that all communities have a group similar to ours.

Later, I had the honor of meeting Happy Oasis. She is the founder of the Raw Spirit Festival. She was speaking at our local raw food meetup. I first learned of Happy from watching the “Rawkathon” by Kevin Gianni, which is a series of interviews with people who are prominent in the raw food community. I felt an instant connection and knew I wanted to meet her. She is kind and genuine. Love emanates from her being and beyond. Her stories and adventures are captivating and I find myself lost in them. I could listen for hours. I feel centered and HAPPY just being in her presence. I have never attended the Raw Spirit Festival, however this June there will be an event in Santa Barbara. I would love to see the interaction of this community and I am definitely planning on attending. I look forward to sharing with you my experience there unless you’ll be there too! In that case, I look forward to meeting you as well. 🙂

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