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Want to Feel Good? Meditate!

Posted By on May 24, 2013

Care about feeling good! After you’re used to feeling good, you just can’t stand not to.

– Ester Hicks


I don’t always feel amazing,  I’m human. Sometimes my mind gets boggled down that it can squeeze the joy right out of my day. However, it is not a regular occurrence. Most of the time I feel at peace and because I am used to feeling that way I am sensitive to when I do not. The cool thing is that I know how to get myself back to feeling good. I admit I have many different variations of things that I do to feel good, but meditation is a good one when my mind is overactive and I am feeling stressed out. It literally slows me down and helps me redirect my attention back on to my own power which are my feelings, my thoughts, my words, and my actions. Be good, feel good, think good, do good and life will feel much more peaceful.


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Today I felt inspired to embrace a component of my life that I have never publicly shared before out of fear that I would be ridiculed,  judged, criticized, or discredited. Why did I fear this? Because many years ago, I did the same thing to others on the particular topic I am about to share. I doubted them, I didn’t believe them. I judged them, and even said that they made their stories up. However, years later the thing that I once didn’t believe was possible began happening to me. Now I have my own experience and testimony so I cannot deny it. Although for years my ego was afraid of admitting it. I’ve had to pull my foot out of my mouth and eat my words. However, I am done with being embarrassed or ashamed. I am not going to deny it or hide it. I am ready to own it, honor it, deepen it, share it, explore it, and be unapologetic about it. It’s just my truth and this is my journey.

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Q: Dear Lori,

Thanks for your videos. I use them for my morning “boost” of positivity before I drive my daughter to school. They work great.

I was watching your videos on embracing your beauty. My question is this: How do you deal with the change in others reactions to you as you look healthier/prettier? I am about 80% raw and live very clean. I am 44, and look better than I “should” according to society’s expectations.

Most people are just fine and easy to get along with, as usual.

But I have been coming across a new thing: people who give me attitude or won’t make eye contact, or give other kinds of strange vibes. Funny enough, I think the age plays into it as well. I mean, a 23 year old is supposed to look amazing, but is a 44 year old mom supposed to snuff out their light and go into hiding?

I don’t think so! But I definitely don’t want to alienate people.

I would love to have your feedback about how to keep a positive attitude when met with this kind of hostility/suspicion – and maybe turn these into friendly exchanges instead of uncomfortable ones. You can totally mention my story, but please do not use my name if you do.

Thanks and hope you and your family are doing great!

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Summer 2012 Update

Posted By on Sep 6, 2012

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