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Getting a Biophotonic Scan

Posted By on Sep 26, 2009

I first found out about a biophotonic scan in 2004 at a Spa Convention. I was already working in the health & beauty field, but my diet was not nearly as good as it is now. In 2004, my score was 46,000. I was retested in 2005 and my score improved to 52,000. I was happy to see the increase. However, after listening to Dr. Gabriel Cousens about biophotonic energy in his Rawkathon Interview w/ Kevin Gianni, I knew I could do even better. A live foodist would be in the 80,000 range. I have work to do. 😉 Dr. Cousens explained biophotons as sub-atomic particles from which all creation is made. It is our line of communication into the energy field and our luminosity. Here are scores of people and how their diet affected their biophotonic score.

Junk food- 1000 units
Organic Cooked Food- 20,000 units
Newborn Baby- 40,000 units
Live foodist– 83,000 units
Fasting w/ herbs- 118,000 units

Apparently, organic wild crafted foods are 2x higher in biophotonic energy than organic cultivated food, & organic has 5x more biophotonic energy than commercially grown food, and cooked/irradiated food has none.

It is sad to think that most of the world is eating food without any biophotons. It makes sense that our ability to make clear decisions would be affected since the energy field is jumbled and depleted. Think of us operating our life on dial up versus the fastest internet service.

We also want to shine in this world. We aren’t much different from the food that we eat. Here you see Kirlian images of food. Imagine a Kirlian image was taken of you. What would it look like?? Would it shine and radiate or would it be dim?

In addition, Dr Gabriel Cousens explained that the higher the biophotons, the better the communication of the cells in the body. Illness occurs when chaos is in the field. We need order and energy to heal and have well being. You find you become more spiritually in tune when the communication field is enhanced. This is probably why I felt so high during my fasts. I also felt such spiritual awakening. Who knew it could be measured in a scientific way?

See where you can get yourself a biophotonic scan with this locator. Prices may vary from complimentary to $20. My session was $10. Hardly anything when you think about the perspective it gives you.

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