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Do you ever put off doing a cleanse because you don’t want to feel out of sorts?
Maybe you’ve been feeling that you need a good cleanse, but you are procrastinating because of some of the common side effects people complain of. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Today I am talking all about how to deal with a healing crisis, which is when the toxins in the body get stirred up due to the cleanse and aren’t being eliminated fast enough. As a result you can feel like you are experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms.

I hope this video removes any fears you might have about feeling sick and inspires you to give cleansing a shot!

Do you cleanse regularly? How do you make sure you feel good when cleansing? Share your tips in the comments below!


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Weekly Workout & Diet Wrap Up

Posted By on May 1, 2009

Water: 2.75 gallons + water from 8 young thai coconuts
Bunches of Greens: 1 (way off base, should be 10-14)
Cooked Meals: 5 (way too many)
Fasting Days: 2: 24 hour sessions
Workout: 10.5 hours
Dance: 2 hours (latin)
Yoga: 3 hours
Walking: 5 hours
Strength: 30 minutes
Sun: 3 hours
Sauna: 2 hrs 15 minutes
Home Colonics: 2

Daily Breakdown
Sun: none (cold out)
Sauna: none
Workout: 2 hour walk
Water: 80 oz H2o
Diet: 1 apple, Chipotle bean & rice burrito extra guac, a few sips of a soy chai latte & rice crispy treat (WAY OFF RAW !)

Saturday– 24 hour fast (from 4:30 pm Friday to 4:30 pm Saturday)
Sun: 60 min
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 90 min walk
Water: 65 oz H20, coconut water from 2 young thai coconuts
Diet: fasting 24 hours, broke fast on Chipotle black bean & rice burrito (black beans, rice, corn salsa, guacamole, pico de galo). Not exactly the way I planned to break my fast. 2 apples

Sunday– accidental fast (from 5pm Saturday to 5pm Sunday), home colonic
Sun: 60 min
Sauna: 40 min
Workout: 60 min latin dance
Water: 48 oz, water from 2 young thai coconuts
Diet: fasted 24 hours (accidentally) broke fast w/ 4 frozen bananas turned into ice cream, 3 apples, couple sips of a margarita, chips, salsa, & guacamole

Sun: none (cloudy)
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 2 : 60 min yoga sessions
Water: 3 young thai coconut water
Diet: 4 frozen bananas turned into ice cream, 4 apples, 4 frozen bananas w/1-2 T cacao powder

Sun: none (cloudy)
Sauna: none
Workout: none
Water: 40 oz H2o
Diet: 4 frozen bananas + 2 T cacao (blended into ice cream), 3 apples, Au Lac Restaurant:

Song salad, soft taco, cali rolls, pistachio “bread”, flax “bread”

Sun: none (too cool to lay out)
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 60 min latin dance, 60 min yoga, 75 min walk
Water: 56 oz.
Diet: 5 bananas made into ice cream, apple, Thai: Tom Kah Kai (veggie coconut soup), veggie pad thai, veggie panang w/ rice. I waited far too long to eat and was far from home. I caved into hunger. Plus the 3 hours of exercise just helped me “justify” the calories. I know, it’s lame. I admit it. 🙂

Sun: 60 minutes
Sauna: 20 minutes
Home colonic: I always feel like I need to do this after I eat cooked food. It’s like I want it out of my body ASAP.
Workout: 30 min Lower body strength training, 30 min walk

Lower Body Exercises:
1. Walking lunge
1. leg press on machine,
2. static squat hold against the wall
3. 1 legged medicine ball squat w/ back foot on step
4. slow reverse lunge off step
5. forward lunge on step
Ab Exercise: medicine ball crunches w/ extended reach
Water: 48 oz H2o, water from 1 thai coconut
Diet: 5 bananas + 2 T made into ice cream, 2 cucumbers, 1 bunch of steamed broccoli (plain)

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Thanks to Paul (the organizer of an amazing raw food metup group), we are able to see a little of what Happy Oasis shared with us on Saturday. Of course, you hear me ramble about how large the co-op has grown thanks to the dedication of Alexis (mentioned in my last post). It is a bit differnt than a CSA. We don’t pay in advance a lump sum or we don’t belong to only one farmer. If you want more information, please send me a comment and I’ll give more details. Perhaps, I will post a blog on how to set up an organic produce buying club for everyone.

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